Van driver u-turns to make 'punishment pass' and shout abuse at group of cyclists

The incident has been reported to Warwickshire Police by the rider who posted the video on social media

White van driver performs close pass on cyclists
(Image credit: @matthewdbooth Twitter)

A Warwickshire cyclist has posted a video showing a white van performing a u-turn in order to make a 'punishment pass' on a group of six cyclists.

The group were riding two abreast in the Warwickshire area when they were first passed by a driver in a white van that sounded his horn. One of the riders then waved to the van.

The driver then chose to turn around in a nearby junction to pass the riders yet again, but even closer than before so he could shout abuse to the riders. The incident took place on Harbury Lane going through Warwick Gates. 

Matthew Booth, who posted the video on Twitter, said: "White van passes us without being held up, but inconveniences himself by doing two U-turns so he can shout abuse before sending an incredibly dangerous punishment pass on six people. 

"Warwickshire Police, if he doesn't lose his license, I don't know who would. He's a danger to the public."

Booth has since tweeted that he had a phone call with a police officer on Monday morning (May 17).

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In a follow-up tweet, Booth said: "He's going to be given a notice of intended prosecution for careless driving and some other offence involving noise. 'Careless' feels under-sold, but the range of potential penalties for it seems to be quite broad. He finds the top end of them."

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Booth said he also submitted the footage to 'Operation Snap', which allows members of the public to submit footage of traffic offences directly to Warwickshire Police.

Wandsworth Labour Active Travel and Transport Speaker Jo Rigby was among those to respond to the video on Twitter, saying the "driver is using his vehicle as a weapon. We need to get drivers like this off our roads."

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