We want to know about your “inner chimp”

Corrective and Holistic Exercise specialist Jo McRae is currently investigating the psychological model used by British Cycling’s psychiatrist Steve Peters, and wants to hear about your “inner chimp”.

The “inner chimp” is the irrational and emotional part of your brain that derails you in sport, in business, at home and in life.

Chances are this over-excitable little fella will whisper in your ear on the start line of your biggest race, or even before an important training session. 

He may affect you most when making choices about your diet, when setting your goals, or when managing a busy schedule. 

Have you noticed a pattern in your mind and behaviour that always seems to get in the way of fulfilling your potential? 

Jo wants to hear about your Chimp:

– What does he tell you? 

– When do you notice him the most? 

– Can you think of examples in and out of sport, where a similar pattern seems to derail your success/happiness? 

– What have you tried to put him in his place, and has it worked?

If you’d like to contribute some thoughts on this topic please email in to cycling@ipcmedia.com with the title ‘My chimp’.

We look forward to hearing from you!