When life gives you lemons, you sell them: Meet the Floridian farmer who rode 80 miles a day to sell his produce

Modern fruit farmer Rane Roatta is also a two-time gravel state champion with a custom bike as colorful as the fruit he sells

Fruit farmer turned gravel racer Rane Roatta
(Image credit: Rane Roatta)

Waking up at the crack of dawn to put in work, sweating in the hot sun, keeping nutrition top of mind and following a set schedule. All of those apply to athletes but they ring equally true for a fruit farmer. For 29-year-old Miami-based Rane Roatta, the life of a cyclist and that of a fruit farmer are intertwined. 

Humble Beginnings

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Kristin Jenny
Freelance Contributor

Kristin Jenny is an elite triathlete based near Boulder, Colorado. Although most of her time is spent in aerobars somewhere in the mountains, she finds time to enjoy eating decadent desserts, hiking with her husband and dog, and a good true crime podcast.