Fizik launches Ferox gravel race shoes

Maximum stiffness and all-day comfort are a tough pair to blend – but Fizik claims to have cracked it

Fizik Ferox gravel shoes
(Image credit: Fizik)

The latest addition to Fizik’s gravel shoe range, the Ferox have been designed expressly for the rigours of off-road racing. 

A laminated-mesh upper has been employed to lower the weight and bulk of the shoes without – Fizik claims – sacrificing their durability. The sole is made from unidirectional carbon fibre and scores a full 10/10 on Fizik’s own stiffness scale for maximum power transfer.

That level of stiffness is clearly a boon for full-gas cyclocross racing, but Fizik still recommends the shoes for “all-day gravel events”, so clearly has a lot of confidence in their comfort. 

Fizik Ferox gravel shoes

(Image credit: Fizik)

The tread is quite similar to Fizik’s recently released Terra Atlas all-day, less race focused off-road shoes. It’s similarly tacky and has some large lugs, although with a more traditional placement than shoes such as some of those in Specalized’s Recon range. For the worst of the slop, there’s the option to add a couple of studs at teh fore-foot.

The retention system is a Boa and Velcro hybrid. An Li2 dial controls the tension across the mid- and fore-foot, allowing you to both tighten and loosen in millimetre increments, while a wide Velcro strap locks you in at the top. To further guard against heel lift, sticky silicone dots are arranged inside the heel cup.

The shoes are available in two colours, Lilac/White and Black/Black, and in a size 43EU, we’ve weighed them in at 331 grams per shoe. The size range is from 36 to 48, and they’re available in half sizes between 37 and 47, while the price stands at £299 / $299. 

Unboxing: Fizik Ferox gravel shoes

Fizik Ferox Gravel race shoe

(Image credit: Future)

I’m yet to take these outside on a ride, so these are just my initial impressions straight out of the box.

Firstly the weight is quite impressive. At 331 grams per shoe in a size 43, they’re only 23 grams heavier than the Specialized S-Works Recon – hopefully that extra weight is all down to a more durable upper, as we found the S-Works Recons quite fragile when we had those in on test.

I’ve never really been one for Velcro straps off-road, finding they can get clogged up with mud which stops it from sticking so well. Fortunately for the Ferox, we’re now well into spring, so a verdict on that aspect isn’t going to come for quite a few months now. In the meantime, it should make for quite fast adjustments, if perhaps a little less precise than a Boa.

What I’m particularly interested in is Fizik’s claim of blending high stiffness with long distance comfort. Generally, that is a bit of an oxymoron, but there are cases where the two don’t go hand in hand. I’ve worn flexy shoes that have proven uncomfortable and have found the Specialized Ares sprint shoes perfectly comfortable on rides over five hours. 

I’ve got some long rides lined up in the coming weeks and the review will follow after that.

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