Google Maps upgrades its cycle navigation with added detail - including warnings of heavy traffic and steep hills

Bike routes will now highlight potential difficulties as well as supplying detailed information about road type and providing comparisons

Google Maps has updated its cycling route information with added detail such as warnings for steep hills and heavy traffic
(Image credit: Google)

Google Maps has announced significant updates to its cycling route information, allowing users to better prepare for a journey on two wheels. Additional details include warnings for heavy traffic and steep hills as well as enabling ‘easier’ comparisons between bike routes.

According to its blog, Google highlights a more than 40% increase in cycling worldwide “over the past few months”, which it attributes in part to rising fuel prices and warmer weather. While its source for this statistic goes unnamed it appears that the growing number of journeys taken by bike have warranted a mapping upgrade some 12 years since Maps first began providing directions for cyclists.

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