Dhb Regulate Lite knee warmers

Still too cold to get the knees out? The dhb Regulate Lite knee warmers fill the gap before summer riding




  • Good length
  • Comfortable
  • Effective inner and outer top grippers

Price as reviewed:


It’s been a funny spring. It started off at near-summer temperatures, then stayed stubbornly around or below 10C for weeks. That’s comfortable enough to ditch the winter jacket and tights, but not really warm enough for shorts.

So I’ve been using the dhb Regulate Lite knee warmers to add a bit of extra insulation over my knees. Actually, they’re long enough for there to be minimal gap between their bottom and the top of longer cycling socks, so I’ve had petty much full leg coverage.

Dhb Regulate Lite kneewarmers

Silicone grippers on the inside and outside of the thighs keep everything in place well

They will also pull a long way up the thigh, for a double layer of fabric and extra warmth over the pedalling muscles. Dhb includes unobtrusive reflective logos on the outside edge of the calves too.

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I normally go for thicker, fleece lined kneewarmers or legwarmers for their extra insulation. The Regulate Lite knee warmers are a standard lycra fabric, but nevertheless I’ve found them fine for spring rides.

Being so light, there’s minimal bunching behind the knee and no tendency to rub. There’s a single flatlocked seam , which sits on the inside of the leg rather than behind the knee, so it doesn’t rub.

The top of the knee warmers has a double sided silicone gripper which ensures that they stay attached leech-like both to the leg and the shorts – there’s absolutely no tendency to work down or gap below your shorts. There’s no bottom gripper, but no problem staying put here either.

If things do warm up and you decide to take your knee warmers off during a ride, being so light they’re easily storable and won’t take up more than half a jersey pocket. Compared to some other knee warmers, they’re very cheap too, with Wiggle currently discounting them to £12.


The dhb Regulate Lite knee warmers are a good option to keep your legs and knees a bit warmer until summer comes. They’re effective, comfortable and very reasonably priced.


Weight: 72g
Contact: www.wiggle.co.uk