Sportful NoRain arm warmers review

Sportful hits the mark with good water-resistant warmers that are also warm and comfortable to wear.

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Sportful NoRain arm warmers are exceptional warmers that offer rain protection at a competitive price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good water resistance

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    Great grippers

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    Very competitive price

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Reasons to avoid
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As you should be able to guess from the name, the Sportful NoRain arm warmers are designed to offer a little more protection than your run-of-the-mill thermal arm warmers.

The warmers feature Sportful’s NoRain technology, also seen on the likes of the Sportful Light NoRain Top, a water-resistant fabric which aims to keep you dry without compromising on stretch and comfort. Water resistant arm warmers are certainly nothing new, with the Castelli Nanoflex and Caratti Thermal arm warmers being just two of many such products on the market.

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However Sportful has made the best attempt at it yet, with water visibly beading on the surface in light rain, and also acting as a bit of extra wind protection. Yes, they do get overwhelmed in heavy rain, but they are designed to be water resistant rather than waterproof, so we’ll give some slack on this one.

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Their long length and excellent grippers make the Sportful NoRain arm warmers a great product

What also impressed about the Sportful NoRain arm warmers was their length. Too often arm warmers come up short when pulled over skinny cyclist arms, leaving an annoying exposed stretch of skin above your gloves. However, Sportful seem to have given these warmers a little extra length, eliminating this problem. The grippers around the upper arm are also very good, keeping the warmers firmly in place.

At £26, the price is also on a par with what we’d expect to pay for a good pair of warmers, impressive given the extra protection that Sportful can offer.

For more details visit the Sportful website.