Miss Grape Bud Handlebar Snack Pouch review

Snacks are an important part of any long distance ride. Is this the perfect way to store them?

Miss Grape Bud Handlebar Snack Pouch
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A brilliant handlebar snack and accessories pouch from Miss Grape that's been really well thought through. An extra mesh pocket on the outside is perfect for small items like rubbish and the padding protects valuable items. Although a good idea, the fork strap could wear frame paint if left unprotected, and I found that it was secure enough without it. At £45, this is a great value option for bikepacking or everyday use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Secure fitting

  • +

    Roomy, padded main bag

  • +

    Totally universal

  • +

    Easily accessible on the move

  • +

    Elastic cord tidy stops flapping

  • +

    Water resistant

  • +

    Netted outer pocket perfect for rubbish

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fork strap non-removable

  • -

    Fork strap could wear paint if unprotected

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Strapping onto any kind of handlebar and the stem, this universal handlebar pouch from Italian bikepacking bag specialist Miss Grape gives you more options for storage on short rides and multi-day adventures. We've been putting it to the test on long and short rides to see if it's really worthy of the £45 price tag.


The Bud handlebar bag is essentially a little pouch with an elasticated drawstring closure at the top. Mounted right by your hands, this bag is perfect for smaller items that you might need to access easily or on the move; snacks, small tools, batteries, a phone or camera, or even an extra bottle.

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The closure is secured by pulling the toggle on the elastic drawstring, which then secures neatly away from you in the D-ring. The main attachment point is at the back of the bag with a wide integrated velcro strap, and then a second removable velcro strap can secure to the stem on either the left or the right, so you can choose which side of the bars you'd like your bag to sit.

Miss Grape Bud Handlebar Snack Pouch

The elastic drawcord is held neatly out of the way

The third attachment point is an integrated webbing strap from the base of the bag, which forms a buckled loop to pass through the bike's fork to help keep the bag in place.

Miss Grape Bud Handlebar Snack Pouch

The fork strap is designed to hold the snack pouch in place

Internally, the bag is lined with a bright green material, and then lightly padded too. On the outside, there's an elasticated mesh pocket that runs around 75% of the bag for storing smaller items.

The bag is constructed from a few different materials, including a nylon/polyester dotted fabric with a water-repellent resin coating and PVC coated black nylon. These are water resistant, but as the seams are not taped, the bag is not waterproof.

The ride

Having used the Miss Grape Bud handlebar snack pouch on short rides and a couple of bikepacking overnighters, I've been nothing less than impressed. It's got all the features you'd want from this kind of bag, and more.

Miss Grape Bud Handlebar Snack Pouch

The Bud handlebar bag works with all types of bikes

The attachment is really easy and adjustable, so you can mount the bag on the left or the right of your stem (or run two if you wanted to double up). There's also a strap from the base of the bag that runs down under the fork and clips in place. I was a bit anxious about this one rubbing paint on my fork, so I only used it the once.

If I was going to run this bag longer term, I'd add some helitape there to prevent any rubbing, but having ridden plenty without using this strap, I didn't find the bag jiggled about too much anyway. Ideally, this strap could be removable, so you had the option to use it or not. In the end, I tucked it into the mesh pocket out of the way when I wasn't using it.

Storage-wise, the padding was really helpful for keeping valuables like my camera or phone safe and stopping any rattling. The green lining makes seeing small objects inside easy, a neat feature. I especially liked the mesh outer pocket, which was perfect for small rubbish items like storing bar wrappers until I got to a bin.

This bag got subjected to all weathers during testing. The water-resistant materials do indeed stand up to showers, splashing and light rain, but are not totally waterproof. If you know you're going to have a downpour, you could use a dry-bag inside, or make sure you transfer any vulnerable items elsewhere.

Securing the top of the bag is really easy on the move, thanks to an elasticated cord which neatly tucks away towards the front wheel, so it doesn't tickle your knees as you're riding along! I did once pull the end toggle a bit too hard which came apart, but it was very easy to put this back together again.


At £45, I think that the Miss Grape Bud is fantastic value for money. It's certainly evident that a huge amount of thought has gone into producing this handlebar accessory bag, and its packed full of handy features. Don't forget that Miss Grape offer a lifetime guarantee on their bags too (excluding zips), which means you'll only have to spend that £45 once and you should have a snack pouch for life!

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