Velopac Ridepac review

What do you do with all those odds and ends which you need to take with you on a ride? The Ridepac keeps them all together and out of the way

Velopac Ridepac
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A neat way to carry a lot of riding kit in one handle package which you can take with you easily for your café stop

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Convenient way to carry your riding odds and ends in one bundle

  • +

    Internal pockets

  • +

    Water resistant fabric and zipper

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Can end up quite bulky

  • -

    Back gets sweaty behind it

  • -

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VeloPac has just revamped its RidePac with this KOM design – there’s a QOM model too for the ladies. They’re part of a collection of five new designs by illustrator and keen cyclist Spencer Wilson.

Velopac Ridepac

There are lots of internal compartments in the RidePac

Made in the UK, the RidePac is a handy way to carry all your cycling bits and bobs around without having them jangling around in your pockets and digging into your back. It’s fitted fine into the pockets of every jersey and jacket I’ve tested, but it’s large enough to take larger phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus.

Mine currently carries my keys, phone, credit card, some cash, a hydration tablet, tyre levers, patches and a tyre boot, but it’s also had a CO2 inflator and other junk in it in the past, although that makes it bulge a bit. Its zipped pocket and inner sleeve mean that you can keep more delicate and valuable stuff apart from other junk. It’s got a soft microfiber lining so it won’t scratch your phone or other valuables either.

Velopac Ridepac

There's a range of new designs by Spencer Wilson this year

The RidePac is made of waterproof coated cotton with a waterproof zip, so it will withstand wheelspray from damp roads. It does tend to make your jersey a bit sweaty behind it though, as it stops air circulation. The new facing fabric is a bit softer than that on older RidePacs – I’ve been using an older Cavendish-themed one on every ride for the last two years and it’s still going strong.

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Velopac Ridepac

The waterproof zipper helps keep things safe

If you want something slimmer to keep your phone watertight, VeloPac makes a ziplock plastic PhonePac featuring the same range of designs. It’s a bit larger though, so you won’t be able to fit it inside the RidePac.


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