Some of the surprising things you take with you on a bike ride

We asked you what items you take with you when cycling, and got some answers we weren't quite expecting...

Cycling can be thirsty work

We were expecting people to pack a pump, spare tube, food, drink and tyre levers but some of the items that people take with them on every bike ride are a bit unusual.

Below, we've collected together some of the answers you gave us to the question: "what items do you take with you on every ride?".

What do you take with you on every ride? Let us know in the comments section below.

Money (£10/£20 notes, coins not ideal) or debit card, phone, spare inner tube, pump, tyre levers, a couple of cable ties, a granola bar or Soreen cake and a multi-tool. Always wear the right clothing and be ready with a rain jacket if the forecast advises for it.

Roy Padojino

A sense of humour and imaginary friend.

James Baggott

A ball of hatred and bile. Normally, you wouldn't think of them as items, but if you compress them enough, they take on a physical form. Nothing makes you faster than rage.

Thomas Willingham

Disappointingly weak legs.

Adam Coatham

German legs, Track World Cup 2013-14, Manchester

Don't forget a strong pair of legs

£10 tucked inside my phone case with ID in case of emergency as well as tools, tube and drink. Pack a cereal bar if I get hungry on a short ride but more often than not munch it when I get home with a pint of squash!

Giles Mockford

A long trailing piece of string, so I can find my way back.

Ian Weatherill

CO2 inflator and two cylinders, superglue and small piece of old tyre (emergency tyre repairs), two tyre levers, one inner tube (I ride tubeless so this is last resort), multi-tool and £10.

Tim Hughes


Kai Rothery

Seven essentials you need to take on every ride

I never go anywhere without my tube of industrial-strength Anusol (other haemorrhoid creams are available). Of course, I don't like to talk about it.

Dave Rowe

£10, a repair kit, banana, organic flapjack and drink. And a huge sense of wellbeing and joy for the countryside I'm riding through.

Simon Walker

Driver's licence and ATM/credit card wrapped inside paper money inside saddle bag. Inside left jersey pocket: two or three gel packets and chapstick/lip balm. Middle jersey pocket: a spare tube and energy bar or banana. Far right jersey pocket: a handkerchief or face cloth, Nunn or Gu tablets.

Pembroke Kenner

Less fitness and self-belief than I come home with.

Stephen Louch

A copy of Comeback 2.0 in case I need to wipe my…

Mark Mackay

A GPS device, because if it's not on Strava...

Rob Ferguson

Watch: What to pack for every sportive

Pump, Garmin, shoes, clothes, glasses, drinks and some of rule #5.

Tom Knight

Phone credit card spare tube, levers and multi tool, water, usually rain jacket and Mobius video cam with aux battery.

Paul Worden

A rolled-up copy of Cycling Weekly, strawberry jam sandwich (white bread) and 10p for the call box in case it all goes wrong.

Arthur Long

My girlfriend. Although in practice she sets off 10 minutes after me as she likes to chase me down. I'm not joking.

Mark Williams

Some pebbles in my pockets to chuck at the clowns in the cars these days.

Kev Brown

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