VeloVault Bike Box

Planning on flying somewhere nice with your bike? Here is our review of the VeloVault bike box, a hard case designed to protect your pride joy




  • Easier to push around than other designs
  • Solid clasps
  • Easier to close than other designs
  • Pays for self over time
  • Accommodates disc brakes and mtb wheels


  • Expensive

Price as reviewed:


  • If you are lucky enough to heading to warmer climes and are planning on taking your bike with you then a bike specific bag or box is an essential item in order to make sure your pride and joy reaches your destination in one piece. There are a few options on the market, so what sets the VeloVault bike box apart?

    One of the biggest problems with bike boxes, can be that they are not straight forward to close. This problem is especially bad when airport customs check inside your box then don’t close it proplerly, rendering the contents more easily damaged

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    I found the VeloVault bike box closed much more easily than the Bike Box Alan, which can be a fiddle. This is partly down to a superior anti crush pole design, with the VeloVault using a split, fixed design, meaning that it will always be in place.

    The VeloVault bike box is simple to pack and typically takes 15 mins when you know what you are doing. There are also helpful instructions printed on the inside. Aside from the sturdiness of the box and ease of packing, a big advantage is that you do not need to remove your rear derailleur.

    The foam layer can be removed to access the wheel recess. Note the split crush pole design

    The foam layer can be removed to access the wheel recess. Note the split crush pole design

    The weight of the box is 11.2kg. Most airlines tend to have a weight limit on bikes around 20-30kg, so it is easy to make sure it is under, considering most bikes weigh in the region of 8kg. We had no problem when flying with both British Airways and Easy Jet.

    High marks are scored for the clasps too. Being Protex Catchbolts with a strength rating of 400kg per catch these are high quality, seriously secure and superior to cheaper Chinese clasps found on competing products.

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    It is similarly priced the Bike Box Alan, however I feel this design is superior. One could argue the designers of VeloVault bike box have looked at the Bike Box Alan and improved it. I actually tested the VeloVault head to head with the Bike Box Alan on a recent trip to Nice and as mentioned, it closes more easily and the wheels roll better making it easier to push through airports.

    The high quality Protex Clasps

    The high quality Protex catchbolts

    There is also more versatility built in with regard to wheel storage. Two mounting holes mean that in addition to road bikes, mountain bike 29er wheels can also fit without the cassette from one wheel rubbing against the second wheel. There are also recesses for disc brakes, which is a nice touch unless you are a professional rider.

    It is expensive, but being well made I suspect it would last and more than pay for itself over time.

    For more information, head over to VeloVault.


    The Bike Box Alan has served me well for years, however if I was buying a hardcase tomorrow, the VeloVault bike box is the one with the better design.


    Weight: 11.6kg
    Size: 116 x 30 x 91 cm
    Colours Available: Black, Blue

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