MAAP Seamless Base Layer Tee review

We put Aussie brand MAAP's short sleeve base layer to the test over the course of a British winter

MAAP Seamless Baselayer tee
MAAP Seamless Baselayer tee
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The MAAP Seamless Baselayer Tee is a small, tight-fitting item of clothing that packs a big technical punch.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Fit-and-forget comfort

  • +

    Warm enough for winter and slim enough for spring/autumn

  • +

    Anti-stink genuinely works

  • +

    Excellent fit

Reasons to avoid
  • -


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Pull the MAAP Seamless Base layer Tee out if its packaging and the first thing you'll think is that you've ordered the wrong size – it just looks tiny. But you'll have no trouble squeezing into it. The seamless design expands easily, without ever losing its snug fit.

It looks  similar to Altura's Thermocool base layer albeit with short sleeves. However, the issues of fit with Altura's base layer don't make an appearance on the MAAP Seamless Base Layer Tee.

Instead, the size small fits like a glove. The torso length was definitely long enough, meaning there was never any chance of it coming untucked or letting draughts in. Similarly, the short sleeves were a comfortable length on the arm.

A base layer should always be a fit-and-forget product, something which the MAAP Seamless Base layer Tee definitely is.

MAAP's Seamless Baselayer Tee is seriously comfortable

MAAP's Seamless Base layer Tee is seriously comfortable
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

Equally impressive is that despite its small stature, the MAAP Seamless Base Layer is seriously warm. I was out pedalling in it through some seriously cold weather, and when paired with a winter jersey and MAAP's Surface Team Vest I was perfectly warm at all times.

It's a lot smaller than, say, Café du Cycliste's Cosette Ceramic baselayer but it does prove that technical proficiency can come in small packages.

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However, having used it through recent warmer spells, I've found this base layer to be a useful bit of kit for the recent milder weather too. I can see myself making use of it through all the seasons, meaning it's a definite year-round contender for those who like the added protection on every ride.

The MAAP Seamless Base layer Tee is full of other nice touches, too. For example the bold anti-odour claims actually proved true as I (as well as my riding group!) can confirm.

A long torso means that the MAAP Seamless Baselayer Tee never comes untucked

A long torso means that the MAAP Seamless Base layer Tee never comes untucked
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

Similarly, when it does become damp – something I suspect is due to the jersey worn on top rather than the wicking abilities of the base layer itself – it has been quick drying. This is definitely useful if you don't want to chill at your coffee stops or pull on a damp top when riding the next day.

Of course you might comment on its price, which at £58 is steep. However, if you're looking to buy a year-round technical baselayer with oodles of comfort, then the MAAP Seamless Base Layer Tee is a great choice.

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