Odlo Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra

An exceptionally comfortable medium support sports bra

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  • Seamless
  • Soft
  • Medium support
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • On the warm side in hot weather
  • Won't suit every rider

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  • Finding a supportive sports bra, that offers zero irritation is tricky. After saddles, it’s probably one of the most personalised pieces of kit to get right, and there’s certainly no guarantee that what works for one rider will work for another, so I was really please to find that the Odlo Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra totally worked for me.

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    Made from a Polyester, Polyamide and Elastane mixed fabric, the first thing to note about the Odlo Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra is where it comes from. The 70 year old Swiss brand puts a high priority on its sustainable and social responsibility. All of its products are made in Europe, with full traceability of its garments and workers conditions and is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Big ticks in my book.

    But better than that, the Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra also comes with a Standard 100 by OEKOTEX certification, which means that it contains no carcinogenic ingredients, no formaldehyde, free of allergy-causing dyes, skin-friendly pH value. Even more ticks.

    Odlo Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra

    The super soft seamless sports bra offers support and comfort while riding.

    Exceptionally wearable

    In practical terms, the Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra is incredibly soft and wearable. Its seamless construction means that there’s no possibility for the fabric to skin cause irritation, such as on the ribs, or straps, an area that can be prone to pressure point discomfort, especially when combined with the straps of bib shorts/ tights.

    The medium support provided worked really well for me, although I do appreciate that with a B-cup at best, I am on the smaller side of bra requirements. For me, I found the Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra delivered the perfect balance of compression without restriction ideal, and I loved the ease of being able to remove the bra post hard training session when I was pretty exhausted (something that’s been know to require outside assistance when a sports bra provides significantly more support).

    The only slight downside is that the Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra is on the warm side, so for 80/90 percent of UK climate riding, this is of no issue, but when the weather does warm up, you may find yourself reaching for a slightly more open and breathable sports bra.


    The ethical Blackcomb Seamless Sports Bra is a super comfortable option for smaller chested riders, providing the perfect balance of support, without over compressing, but maybe a tad warm on the hottest days in the saddle.


    Fabric: Polyester, Polyamide and Elastane mixed
    Sizes: XS - L
    Colours: Chrysanthemum, Blue Indigo
    Weight (size XS): 70g
    Contact: www.Odlo.com