Mio Link heart-rate band

Don't like wearing a heart rate monitor strap around your chest, well Mio Link heart rate band might be just for you...




  • Easy to use


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


Years of heart-rate monitor use means that you get used to the mildly annoying strap around your chest and accept that it’s just part of the deal.

With Mio’s Link, you can wear the strap on your arm — where there’s no chance it can restrict your breathing.

Slightly chunkier than a sports watchstrap, the Mio sat most comfortably about a third of the way up my arm, where the LEDs and electro-optical cell measure the volume of blood and calculate pulse rate.


We found the results very reliable, and all-importantly the unit communicated seamlessly via Ant+ with Garmin’s head unit to make for a viable alternative to the humble chest strap.


Contact: www.2pure.co.uk

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