Rokform bike handlebar mount review

The Rokform bike handlebar mount is a secure and sturdy product for those who don’t want to shell out on a dedicated cycling computer.

Rokform bike phone mount
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Rokform bike handlebar mount provides a secure and sturdy home that will put your mind at ease when strapping your expensive smartphone to your bars. The mounting system is neat, but the lack of protection against wet weather is a disappointment, especially considering the price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Secure mount

  • +

    Sturdy case

  • +

    Camera opening

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No waterproof protection

  • -


  • -

With Strava now attracting every section of the cycling community, newer riders will be glad to know that there are now a large number of products that allow you to attach your smartphone to your handlebars, providing an alternative to a dedicated, and possibly expensive, cycling computer. The Rokform bike handlebar mount is one such product, with versions also available for Samsung users.

What you are effectively buying here is two products: a phone case and a handlebar mount. When clipping £500 worth of phone to your handlebars, the first concern is going to be security. Thankfully there were no reasons for nervousness with the Rokform mount, with the both the mount and case proving secure and sturdy even over rough roads.

The mount is attached to the bars using a thick rubber strap which certainly isn’t going to break any time soon. This can be secured in four different positions depending on the diameter of your bars did a good job maintaining a tight grip, meaning we had no problems phones slipping around on the bars. The case is then attached to the mount using what is effectively a one-eighth version of Garmin’s quarter turn mounting system, meaning you can have the phone mounted either upright or on its side.

As for the case itself this is also a fairly sturdy design, with a polycarbonate shell providing good protection from bumps and scrapes, and the rubber casing around the outside making it easy to grip when you’re off the bike. There are also openings on the rear for the camera, meaning that crucial Instagram-worthy moment won’t be missed, and on the bottom for headphones.

Our main concern with the Rokform bike handlebar mount was that there is no wet weather protection, with nothing covering the screen. This might be fine for the height of summer, but unsuitable for the rest of the year when you can never be completely confident of avoiding a shower. This is especially disappointing given the £50 price, putting the Rokform mount towards the top of an increasingly competitive market.

For more details visit the Case Hut website.

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