Vittoria Arctica GoreTex winter cycling shoes

Fed up with wet feet and worn-out overshoes? A winter cycling shoe could be the answer.




  • All-in-one winter protection
  • Likely to end up cheaper than summer shoes and overshoes
  • Waterproof


  • Difficult to get comfortable
  • Some heel lift

Price as reviewed:


Winter cycling shoes have the potential to do away with the faff of pulling on overshoes before you set out in colder, wet weather. They’re likely to see action between November and March at least, so although they’re pricy, for anyone planning to ride through the winter months they could be a shrewd investment. And with what you will have paid for your summer shoes and since winter overshoes have a fairly limited lifespan and cost £30 or more, they are likely to pay for themselves quite quickly.

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In addition, a winter cycling shoe will have a watertight sole and often a waterproof breathable membrane in the upper and a high ankle cuff, so it is likely to be more watertight than a summer shoe/overshoe combo.

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High ankle cuff keeps warmth in while the dots in the heel are reflective

High ankle cuff keeps warmth in while the dots in the heel are reflective

The Vittoria Arctica winter shoes come with four Velcro straps, the fourth of which secures the stretchy neoprene ankle cuff. The uppers are made of synthetic leather with cordura fabric inserts. They incorporate a waterproof, breathable membrane and neoprene insulation and there are a series of reflective dots on the back of the heel cup for extra safety. The sole is made of nylon and is reasonably rigid.

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I found it difficult to get a tight, comfortable fit from the velcro straps

I found it difficult to get a tight, comfortable fit from the velcro straps

Out riding, I found that the shoes came up a bit large and that my feet slipped around in them. With only velcro closures, it was difficult to clamp the shoes’ uppers down firmly enough to stop my heel lifting: a boa or ratchet would have helped here. Once I had pulled the straps sufficiently tight to eliminate heel lift, I found my forefoot wasn’t too comfortable either.

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Sole is drilled for three bolt cleats

Sole is drilled for three bolt cleats

The waterproofing was certainly effective and although my feet were a bit sweaty at the end of rides, they did not feel over-hot and there was no evidence of water ingress from damp roads or rain. I did find I had a cramp in the arch of my left foot though: evidence of a footbed which was a bit flat and lacking in arch support for comfort on longer rides.


Waterproof with some good features but they are difficult to get adjusted to make them comfortable


Size range: 36 – 49
Size tested: 43
Colour: Black
Weight: 796g