Science in Sport Rego recovery drink



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Rego provides a mix of fast-digesting carbohydrates totalling 59g per serving (maltodextrin and fructose) to maximise re-uptake of carbohydrate in the muscle stores after exercise, along with 26g of soy protein to aid muscle repair and support transportation.

This recovery formula also has a full vitamin and mineral complement along with electrolytes to assist the replenishment of those lost in sweat. It’s a little low on the carbohydrate side, meeting only the needs of relatively light cyclists, and delivering more protein than necessary (the ideal is 10-15g in this period).

The ingredients are good but the ratios are a little out. That said, this is a reasonably pleasant tasting recovery formula which should provide benefits after most sessions.


Supplier:, £8.99 for 500g (10 servings)