Dromarti Gara Rosso mitts




  • Beautifully made
  • Comfortable
  • Classic design


  • At a cost

Price as reviewed:


Cycling is not enjoyable if you’re doing it properly, so when something comes along that you can enjoy, you must grab it with both hands, or in the case of these beautiful English-made leather mitts, slip both hands into it.

I’ve been wearing mine every day this year since the weather warmed up and instead of becoming dirty, scruffy and generally unappealing like a modern ‘technical’ mitt, they just look even more timeless – they could be a glove that fell out of Coppi’s pocket on his lap of honour at the Vigorelli velodrome as he holds up an enormous bouquet of flowers while trying to stop a satin sash going into his spokes.


OK, back to reality. These are a luxury item and so aren't cheap. Contact: www.dromarti.com


Supplier: www.dromarti.com