GripGrab Hurricane Gloves review

Possibly the comfiest gloves on the market, as long as you don't wear them in a monsoon or well below zero you can't go far wrong

Cycling Weekly Verdict

These gloves are so comfortable, it's hard to look past that and find fault with them. But, in the interest of a thorough review, it should be pointed out that they might not be the best on the absolute coldest or wettest days.

  • +

    Very comfortable

  • +


  • +

    Warm to fairly low temperatures

  • -

    Not entirely waterproof - but stay warm long after the water gets in

  • -

    Numb fingers below 0°C - nothing a decent pair of liners wouldn't solve

GripGrab prides itself on making quality cycle clothing, and in its words 'aims to give everyone a gripping experience' - and these gloves do just that, in more ways than one.

If you get the size right, the GripGrab Hurricane Gloves are extremely comfortable. Unlike other winter gloves that might throw in some extra padding to ensure insulation whilst sacrificing dexterity, these gloves allow the wearer to change gear and brake almost as easily as with bare hands on a summer's day.

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These gloves have been tested in near 0°C conditions on many long winter rides, and all the while kept the rider's fingers warm without inducing sweat. This was the case until a recent ride in cold dense fog when the limit of these winter cycling gloves was finally reached, and there were many numb fingers for a long while after an outdoor cafe stop.

This lower temperature limit could be easily overcome with a decent pair of liners, something that should have been considered when looking at the weather forecast before setting out.

An additional feature that will surely soon be a staple on all gloves is touch screen capability. Although not perfect, you can send a quick text to let someone know that you've got carried away with hill reps and so will be late home, or snap that amazing sunset for your Instagram-Strava link-up.

All in all, these come highly recommended, and it will be interesting to see how far into the Spring they can be worn considering their high level of breathability.

Head over to Wiggle or GripGrab for more info.