Hirzl Grippp Tour FF winter gloves




  • Good in the wet
  • Warm in high single-digit temperatures


  • Not so good for super-cold days

Price as reviewed:


With minimal weight gain through water retention these super-thin gloves are far more usable in colder conditions than you might believe – with less water soaked into the fabric, less heat is leached, giving them far better heat retaining characteristics from the breathable stretch back.

On top of the lack of water absorption, the multi-stage tanning process of the kangaroo leather also improves grip in wet and damp conditions.


These are not cold-weather gloves like others here, but for high single and double-digit wet-weather rides, they insulate plenty well enough and the payoff is the extra use you'll get once the spring or unseasonably warm days arrive. Contact www.nemisisactive.com


Supplier: www.nemisisactive.com