Sportful Fiandre gloves review

Can the Sportful Fiandre gloves live up to their pricetag?

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Sportful Fiandre winter gloves certainly deliver when it comes to keeping your hands warm, and are constructed as well as you'd expect from a 70 quid winter glove. However unfortunately they're not as waterproof as they are warm, being overwhelmed in heavy rain.

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    Very warm

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    High quality construction

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    Not waterproof

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The Sportful Fiandre gloves are designed to be the ultimate pair of winter cycling gloves, offering windproof protection, insulation, and “total waterproofness”, and with their 70 quid pricetag, you’d expect them to deliver on all of these.

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The good news is that the Sportful Fiandre gloves are a great choice for cold, dry weather. The outer layer is completely windproof, while the layer on insulation and the fleece-lined inner does a great job of trapping warmth within the gloves, so I never suffered from cold hands in these gloves.

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The Sportful Fiandre gloves didn't live up to their waterproof promises

The Sportful Fiandre gloves also do a good job with some of the smaller details that can really help to keep your hands warm. Most notably the neoprene cuff, which sits tight snug around your wrist even before you secure the Velcro strap, meaning it’s easy to pull the sleeve of a winter jacket over the top to keep the cold out.

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However, what was disappointing is that the Sportful Fiandre gloves fall well short of expectations when it comes to keeping your hands dry. They’re fine if you’re only out for a short ride or if it’s little more than spitting, but in heavier rain it can be overwhelmed.

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The only one saving grace in this area is that although your hands won’t be dry, they will at least be warm, and I never had all that insulation fail me even on long weekend rides in more than inclement weather.

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Durability is much better, as is comfort. The area between the thumb and the forefinger has been reinforced, and hasn’t begun to show any sign of wear even with consistent use through the whole of this winter. The fit is also good, while the slender layer of padding on the palms helps with all-day comfort.

The final point that can’t be ignored is the price. At £70 the Sportful Fiandre gloves are some of the most expensive on the market. If you’re looking for a very warm glove, then this price might be justified, but if it’s dry hands you’re after then look elsewhere.

For more details visit the Sportful website.