Prendas Bordeaux-Paris race jersey

Prendas pays tribute to Tom Simpson's Bordeaux-Paris win with this jersey from its Forgotten Races collection

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  • Design
  • Price
  • Fit


  • Sleeves lack finesse

Price as reviewed:


  • Forming part of its Forgotten Races range is the Prendas Bordeaux-Paris race jersey.

    The design celebrates the gruelling Derny-paced race which covered 500km and was famously won by Tom Simpson in 1963. It features a pattern made up of black and white Bs and Ps with a bowler-hatted Simpson depicted on the rear.

    In terms of its technical features it’s a pretty basic jersey, but its price of £59.99 does put it in the entry-level category.

    You only get one polyester fabric that’s used throughout, but it is relatively comfortable and breathable. You also get three decent-sized pockets along with a zipped one for valuables.

    Prendas Bordeaux-Paris race jersey

    Tom Simpson riding a derny! A nice touch

    The jersey is essentially from Santini and is designed by Fergus Niland who works for Santini – but it’s exclusive to Prendas – so you know quality is assured.

    This also means that sizing and fit should be good and predictable, and both are. The Prendas Bordeaux-Paris race jersey fit nicely around the waist, stomach, chest and shoulders. The fabric has a nice stretch and the jersey overall is a good shape.

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    At the waist instead of a full, thick silicone gripper you get a nicer doubled-over but thin strip that helps the jersey remain in place well. However, the sleeve ends are very basic and are uncomfortable. No laser-cut sleeves here or change of material: all you get is folded-over fabric which is stitched.

    To hold the arms in place it need to have some tightness – and it does – but this is uncomfortable against the skin and feels almost restrictive.

    Pockets hold a good amount though and have no sag, avoiding the droopy-pockets look that afflicts some entry-level jerseys.

    Overall I like the design – I think the jersey is durable, quality and great value for money. Maybe the sleeve design just needs a rethink.


    For a penny under £60 you can't argue with the Prendas Bordeaux-Paris race jersey. The fit is very good and the design lends itself to suit a number of short or gilet combinations. However, the sleeves feel very dated and annoyed me when out riding.