Santini Beta 2.0 jersey review

The Santini Beta 2.0 promises to be the all-weather jersey that lets you leave the other layers at home, and it lives up to its technical credentials

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Santini Beta 2.0 is an all-weather jersey that lives up to its technical credentials – it's warm and seriously windproof.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Seriously windproof thanks to Santini's Windstopper technology

  • +

    Breathes well

  • +

    Pockets hold more than they look able to

  • +


  • +

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Cut could be longer on the rear

  • -

    No zipped pocket

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As we’ve discovered, the windy spring weather won’t pose an issue to the Santini Beta 2.0 jersey; the Italian brand's all-weather thermal jersey. Much like the famous Castelli Gabba, the Beta 2.0 is, on paper at least, the business when it comes to riding in inclement spring weather.

For starters, despite the seriously windy weather, I found Santini's Windstopper material capable of handling the worst of it, and at no point did I chill when out riding. If anything, I remained snugly warm despite the blustery conditions and cold morning starts.

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The Santini Beta 2.0 has a good fit on the shoulders and chest

The Santini Beta 2.0 has a good fit on the shoulders and chest

In fact, paired with a baselayer and some arm warmers, I found it able to hold its own on shorter rides, allowing me to forgo a gilet on top or another jacket packed just in case.

It's worth bearing in mind, though, that Santini doesn't intend this to be waterproof in the same way that it's windproof, so if it looks like it's going to be a very wet ride then it's probably best to pack a rain cape. Saying that, it should fend off a shower or two without issue.

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It does suffer a little in its cut, but not enough to cause discomfort or to be a real nuisance. At first I suspected it was too small, but after trying a medium I narrowed the issue down to the low-cut bib shorts I was wearing.

That said, the tail could still be a little longer to provide more cover on the rear, but we’re happy to forgive Santini, considering the trade-off is a tight waist that doesn't let draughts through.

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Elsewhere, the Santini Beta 2.0 jersey is close fitting and comfortable. Across the shoulders it’s tight but not restrictive and there’s a thinner material under the arms to avoid overheating – something it does very well. I didn't finish any rides with a sopping base layer, suggesting the material was venting as you'd hope.

The three rear pockets on the Santini Beta 2.0

The Santini Beta 2.0 jersey has three rear pockets but no zipped options

The rubbery arm ends prove capable of holding the sleeves in place, even when worn over the top of slippery arm warmers. We’d like to see a zipped pocket on the rear, though, for reassurance when carting around keys, cards or phones, but on the whole the three pockets are stuffable and tightly cinched, so there shouldn’t be any danger of losing your kit.

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