CatEye Sync; Core, Kinetic and Wearable review

CatEye has produced three great lights to offer amazing visibility and they are all sync-able. I tested all three to see if the CatEye Sync is a good system

CatEye Sync
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

These are a great set of lights. Powerful enough to be seen and to see out in front with 500 lumens lighting the way. The rear lights work well as a pair but the Kinetic can be used on its own offering all you need in rear visibility.

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The new CatEye Sync range is the next step in bike lights where three units are connected together wirelessly so that when one is switched on, the others light up too.

Equally, when a mode is changed or the lights are to be turned off, one press of a button on one unit will change all the lights too.

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It may sound like something we don't need but spending much of this winter using the new CatEye Sync, it completely makes sense and does indeed make commuting easier, especially if like me, you have a train journey in between and don't want to faff with three lights if you are in a rush.

CatEye Sync

Cateye Core front light emits 500 lumens on peak power
(Image credit: geoff waugh)

The CatEye Sync system works via your smartphone in conjunction with CatEye's companion app. Simply switching on each light whilst the app is running will allow your phone to discover and pair all three lights; Core, Kinetic and Wearable. Seven lights in total can be paired with one smartphone.

Once connected you'll be able to switch the lights on and off via the app, change modes and see how much battery life each unit has remaining. I didn't think I'd use the phone to switch the lights on or off but seeing that all are active on screen is a reassuring feeling, I don't have to faff with any light buttons - it isn't always easy to see that both rear lights are active, especially during the day.

Not only are the lights technically cool, they have some nice details with each unit offering a number of aspects for better visibility from other road users.

CatEye Sync

App lets you control up to seven lights at once
(Image credit: geoff waugh)

Firstly the rear Kinetic has an inbuilt accelerometer, which automatically turns on high mode when it detects a deceleration. This is very bright at 50 lumens and works very well to attract attention of road users behind.

The front light, which is 500 lumens, has extended side illumination for added 'be seen' credentials. It has five light modes and seems to super bright during night time commuting. I've been especially impressed by its quality build and the Daytime HyperConstant mode.

The Wearable is a nice addition too. It is a small light but still knocks out 40 lumens. Its shape lends itself to be seen from the side also and placed on the back; clipped to a pocket or bag, gives you some extra peace of mind that you'll be seen.

The down side to that light is the battery life and much of that could be said for the rest of the range, which all need a charge after a couple of commutes. Although, the quality, usability and functionality of the lights far outweigh this small issue. These lights are great and give me great assurance I'll be a little safer on my way home.

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