Knog Blinder MOB V rear light review

A very good product that doesn't need cables to be recharged

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The fact that the Knog Blinder MOB V doesn't need a cable to charge (as it features an integrated USB plug that can survive all conditions) is an excellent feature. It's also bright and compact, but I wasn't convinced by the durability of the mount.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    No cable to recharge

  • +


  • +


  • +

    Comes with different size mount straps

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The mount system doesn't seem very solid and durable

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When I realised I didn't need a cable to charge the Knog Blinder MOB V, my whole world of bike lights changed perspective. I definitely thought I found the one rear light I was looking for. The greatest pain I had last winter when I was charging my lights was the number of cables tangled on my desk, around my laptop or scattered in my flat, and at last here is a light that could solve that.

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What makes the use of cable superfluous is the fact that the Knog Blinder MOB V features a USB plug on its side, which can be directly plugged into any USB port, being your laptop one or the one of your phone charger. A little red indicator gives you an indication of when the light if fully charged.

Knog pc

The Knog Blinder MOB doesn't need to have cable to get recharged. You can simply plug it in your laptop.

The other very smart thing of the Knog Blinder MOB V is that it comes with three different and interchangeable straps, which fill fit the different sizes and diameters of the seatpost (both the standard and aero ones). The short one will fit a 22 to 27 mm post, the medium 27 to 32 mm and the large above 32 mm.

Knog 3

The Knog Blinder MOB comes with three different rubber straps to be fitted on different sizes of seat post

Even though it is super easy to fit on the bike, I have some doubts about the durability of the clamp in the long term. The little grey hook that actually grip the strap to the light, stays in place only thanks to the strap tension. Alone, on the other hand, it doesn't really clip and stay where you put it. When you attach it to the seatpost, however, the light is fixed. With the use and the loose of elastic property of the strap, though, it might reveal in a less efficient hold on the seatpost.

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In terms of brightness, the Knog Blinder MOB V is medium power light (44 lumens and claimed to be visible at 1,000 metres), featuring five different light modes: two fix ones and three intermittent. Two of those will make the light look like a Christmas light, as the 16 different small LEDs featured on its face flash intermittently. The battery life is 62 hours for the eco flash and 2.5 hours for the steady light, while the charging time is about 4 to 5 hours.

Knog 4

The Knog Blinder MOD is very powerful and features five different light modes

And if you were in any doubt about the hardiness of this light, then Knog has produced a handy video, showing how it will resist mud, dirt, and water by dropping its lights in eggs, flour and water.

For more details visit Todays Cyclist.

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