Luu Pico Pro 520 front light review

A compact and all round good light with practical and varied beam settings

Luu Pico Pro 520 front light
(Image credit: Andrew Sydenham)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A compact and all round good light with practical and varied beam settings, the Luu Pico Pro front light is a strong choice

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Robust and simple mounting system

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Long charge time, with no USB option

The Luu Pico Pro 520 front light is an all round great light. We liked the compact nature versus its practical and varied flash and steady beam options (three flash and four steady).

On the most powerful setting you get 520 lumens, not the highest around, but with a slightly more focussed beam it means drivers pick you out very well on the commute.

Two hour suggested run time on this setting covers most riding bases, and could see you through some unlit roads too. With more than 20 hours’ life on flash mode, that will see most through a full week’s riding to and from work.

The Pico Pro has a simple, twisting quick-release system that is very robust, but the mount itself isn’t tool free. The base the light sits on is very secure and didn’t slip on the usual potholed roads in the UK. However, the mount was annoying to have on the handlebars when the light wasn’t in use.

The six-hour charge time from flat is a little long and with no USB charging options you’ll need to be organised when charging.