MyTinySun Folkslight

The MyTinySun Folkslight is a very bright front light that doesn't cost the earth




  • Very bright
  • Good value


  • Difficult to use
  • Short battery life
  • Mount could be better

Price as reviewed:


If you’re after a light that will get you through some pretty serious nighttime riding, and are willing to overlook a pretty questionable name, then the MyTinySun Folkslight is an excellent option.

If we’re being completely honest, this is a light that’s really designed for mountain biking, so no surprise that it’s seriously bright. You get not one, but two beams, something that you’re much more likely to find on more expensive lights. One is designed to light up a wide area, while the second more focused beam is designed to focus on the road in front of you, making sure you don’t plough head long into any sizeable potholes.

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And I have to say that for the price, the MyTinySun Folkslight does a very impressive job at lighting the way. While most lights around the £100 mark will only be good enough for riding under street lights and in gloomy conditions, this light is one of the few of this price that is good enough to have you heading out into unlit lanes.

However, although the brightness of the MyTinySun Folkslight really is something to behold, this is also one of the least intuitive products to use that I’ve ever had to test.

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Basically the light has two buttons: one on the back and the other, for some reason, on the front. The one on the back is used to turn the light on (once you’ve pressed it a few times to make it past the, as far as I can tell, pretty pointless standby mode), and you then hold it down to adjust the brightness. This sounds like a good idea, but it’s easy for your hand to slip off the button on bumpy roads, and if you hold it down for too long, then it turns off – not exactly ideal.

The button on the front is used to turn the two LED bulbs on and off, allowing you to manage the battery life, which at only an hour on full blast, could be better.

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Neatly, the MyTinySun Folkslight uses the same mount as a GoPro camera, which is fairly secure (and easy to get hold off if you lose the one supplied). However, on really rough roads or bridleways I found the weight of the light caused it to slowly keel over until it was pointing at nothing but your front wheel.

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The MyTinySun Folkslight is an extremely bright front light, which is good enough to light up even the darkest of lanes - very impressive considering the price. However it's very difficult to use, and the battery won't last very long if you're using it to its full potential


Max lumens: 2000 lumens
Battery life (max beam): 1:00
Mount: Bar
Weight: 229g
Charge time:
Charging: USB
Modes: 6 constant