GripGrab RaceThermo overshoes review

Having a decent pair of overshoes is essential for comfortable riding in the wet and cold, so how did the GripGrab RaceThermo overshoes stack-up during many winter miles?

Cycling Weekly Verdict

A great pair of overshoes that will see anyone through the autumn, winter and early spring with warm and comfortable feet, and will last for many, many miles on the bike

  • +

    Very warm

  • +

    Great fit

  • +

    High levels of waterproofing

  • +

    Kevlar toes and heels add to the robustness

  • -

    They will eventually start to lose their shape/structure, but much more slowly than others I've used

The GripGrab RaceThermo overshoes are advertised with a temperature comfort range down to 0°C but they have coped just fine on sub-zero commutes and early morning winter rides.

It's unlikely that any overshoes will ever be entirely waterproof, especially when you factor in seepage from the top via your leg warmers and spray coming up through your shoes, but these come pretty close.

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When wearing the high vis versions, the 2mm waterproof neoprene construction has seen off rain and road spray without trouble, and despite riding in some heavy downpours a number of times they haven’t yet been breached directly from the rain.

On a particularly wet ride in South Wales whilst wearing the black pair, the downpour, puddles and road spray did eventually see the water reach my socks, but the neoprene overshoes retained heat regardless and my toes stayed nice and warm.

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The hi-vis options are great for urban riding or for an added bit of visibility in the lanes. However, there’s also something on offer for those wanting a more understated choice thanks to these also coming in black.

The Kevlar reinforcements to the toes and heels keep the overshoes in place and help maintain their shape and structure.