BBB BFP-35 Air Control pump




  • Solid build


  • No very accurate
  • Hose on the short side
  • Gauge not easy to read

Price as reviewed:


Nicely turned out but pretty basic sums up the BBB in six words.

A few more will tell you that while the cast base is solid (until the little rubber feet fall out) the screw-on connector is fiddly, particularly as there’s no air bleed to drop the pressure should you go over.

And with a less than easy-to-read gauge — with the most popular 100psi increment marked in a tiny typeface together with no marker bevel — there’s a fair chance you will.

The action became quite stiff past 80psi and despite losing a fair bit of air from the screw-on chuck, the tyre was overinflated by more than 10 per cent, so it’s not that accurate.


The hose is on the short side and is secured by a single clip when not in use.