Birzman Maha Push and Twist V track pump review

Birzman’s track pump is easy to use and robust

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Maha Push and Twist V is an excellent track pump that builds on Birzman’s quality features. It’s easy to use, with the push and twist head making an easy, fast connection to the valve and the large gauge allowing accurate pressure reading.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stable base

  • +

    Easy to read gauge

  • +

    Excellent valve head design is easy to use, with little air loss

  • +

    Now handles Schrader valves in the same way as presta

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -


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For a product that sees almost constant use it seems it can be surprisingly difficult to develop the perfect pump. Luckily Birzman has done just that with the Editor’s Choice winning Maha Push and Twist. Easy to use, accurate and above all reliable it could be the last pump you ever buy.

The Birzman Maha Push and Twist V track pump continues Birzman’s line of track and minipumps which use its clever Push and Twist valve connector. Rather than having a lever on the head, there’s an outer ring to the connector. To seal it to the tyre valve, you just push the connector over the valve head, pull up the ring and twist it one turn to make an airtight connection.

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