Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive minipump review

The Digital Alloy Drive gives you accurate pressure readings with a maximum stated pressure of 90psi

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive lets you inflate higher volumes quickly and gives you an accurate pressure reading down to the nearest 1psi. It’s well made, but the pump is quite bulky and rated at 90psi maximum.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Accurate inflation pressure

  • +

    High volume leads to quick inflation

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Quite bulky and heavy

  • -

    Not the best for higher pressure use

  • -

    Can unseat the valve when unscrewing

  • -

    Rubber bungs can get lost easily

  • -


  • -

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There are a few occasions when accurate tyre pressure measurement makes a lot of difference. The Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive makes dialling it in a lot easier.

If you’re planning to ride off road, you want to make sure that you can set the right pressure in your tyres. It makes a big difference to grip and traction on wet, muddy paths. If you run too high a pressure, you’ll be slipping around; too low and you risk pinch flats.

The Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive has a low profile digital gauge attached to its side. Switch it on with the rubber button and it automatically zeroes. It initially reads in PSI, but another short push of the button switches it to Bar. A long press switches it off again. The gauge is powered by a single CR1220 button cell that’s easy to replace.

Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive

Digital gauge gives you accurate pressure readings

The Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive has the standard features of all Lezyne’s mini pumps. So it’s got a sturdy build with a separate hose which is screwed into the handle when not in use and covered by a rubber cap to prevent contamination. The bottom end of the pump is matt finished to add some extra grip when using the Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive.

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The hose is reversible, with one end screwing onto a Presta valve and the other onto a Schrader. There’s an air bleed valve at the Presta end to let you reduce pressure if you overinflate your tyre.

Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive

Reversible hose works with Presta and schrader valves and includes an air bleed button

Screwing the hose onto and off a Presta valve is slightly tricky as it’s easy to unseat the valve core, losing air. It’s best to screw the hose onto the valve before attaching it to the pump.

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Once attached, the pump’s high volume means that you can quickly and efficiently inflate wider tyres to moderate pressures, although the pump is not designed to inflate above 90psi/6 bar. Lezyne also sells high pressure digital mini pumps with higher maximum pressure ratings.

I’ve been lugging the Digital Alloy Drive around for a few months now. It’s not too long to fit in a jersey pocket, but it’s a bit larger and heavier than some other options.

There’s a second rubber cap at the bottom end of the pump, but this is easy to lose as it’s not connected that securely to the pump body. In dirty conditions, its loss could let contamination into the pump body.

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