Topeak JoeBlow Max II track pump

We review the JoeBlow Max II - an efficient pump from Topeak towards the budget end of its extensive track pump range

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  • Efficient
  • Well priced


  • Hard work to reach higher pressures

Price as reviewed:


  • Topeak is a bike accessories powerhouse with everything from bags to computers and trailers. Even its track pump range is extensive with almost 20 models on offer.

    Topeak Joe Blow Max II track pump

    The Topeak’s JoeBlow Max II is towards the budget end of its range, but still comes with a steel barrel and a quality gauge, with replacement parts readily available if anything stops working.

    It’s quite a short pump and its stroke is short too, but nevertheless it took just 19 strokes to get a 23mm tyre up to 100psi, which is the least we’ve found on testing a range of track pumps.

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    Those strokes required a lot of effort though once the tyre got to higher pressures, making the pump quite awkward to use. This is probably due to the quite short pump stroke and the hose too is on the short side, so it’s more difficult to get to the valve of a wheel on a bike held in a stand.

    The pump comes with a plastic twin-sided head which works with both presta and schrader valves and has a lever to lock it onto the valve securely.

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    Despite only having two legs to its base the pump is stable and the handle is comfortable to use. The gauge is reasonably easy to read as it is positioned some way up from the base and is clearly graduated, although we found that it undermeasures pressure by a few psi.


    An efficient pump but with slightly awkward ergonomics


    Height : 68
    Stroke : 47
    Hose length : 86
    Actual pressure at 100psi on gauge: 103
    Strokes to 100 psi: 19