Topeak JoeBlow Sport II track pump

The Topeak JoeBlow Sport II is a good quality pump at a good price from Topeak's extensive JoeBlow track pump range




  • All metal barrel and base
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stable


  • Shortish hose
  • Quite small gauge
  • Heavy

Price as reviewed:


Topeak’s JoeBlow is one of those track pumps which everyone seems to use, but Topeak actually makes a bewildering array of Joe Blows, with the Sport II being near the bottom end of the 20 pump range (only 14 of which make it to the UK).

Nevertheless it’s a meaty pump, starting with its weight, which is heading towards 2kg. It has a steel barrel and a large steel base, which both makes it very stable and easy to get a foot on to start pumping.

Joe Blow pump has a large, stable metal base

Joe Blow pump has a large, stable metal base

Although it’s got a shortish hose and small gauge, they are placed around a quarter of the way up the barrel, so they’re easy to get at and the gauge is easy to read, with a quality look to it. It’s also got a moveable yellow indicator so you can see at a distance when you are up to your desired pressure. You might have difficulty getting at the valves if you’ve got your bike in a stand though.

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There’s a two-head adapter for presta and schrader vlaves with a two-way locking lever which engages with a solid-feeling click and there’s no loss of air when pumping once it’s attached and locked.

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The pump’s handle is wide, well shaped and comfortable too, so that although there’s a bit of wobble when fully extended it never feels flimsy. At 29 strokes, it doesn’t take too much effort to get to 100psi and you could go a lot further if you wanted to.

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Valve connector makes a firm fit

Valve connector makes a firm fit

Topeak sells the parts you are most likely to need to replace separately too: valves, gauges, seals, heads, so if something goes wrong you probably won’t have to throw the pump away and start again. It also comes with the usual airbed and football adapters if you expect to venture away from the bike. So this is a great pump at a keen price which should keep going for ages.


A solidly built track pump with a stable base and good ergonomics which should last for ever


Weight: 1.753kg
Height: 69cm
Strokes to 100psi: 29