Zefal Profil Max Fp50 track pump with gauge

The Zefal Profil Max is a chunky pump with an efficient action




  • Efficient
  • Long hose
  • Stable


  • Pressure readings inconsistent

Price as reviewed:


Zefal is the oldest cycling accessory manufacturer in the world, having been founded in 1880. it is probably best known for its mudguards and pumps, but also makes accessories such as bottles, mirrors locks and iPhone cases.

Zefal Profil Max Fp50 track pump

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The Zefal pump is stable, with a metal barrel and a nice wide three-legged metal base. It has a large, easy to read gauge with a magnifier with a hairline built into it which can be moved to the target pressure before starting to pump, making it easier to judge that the tyre is up to pressure.

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Despite this we found the pressure measured with a separate gauge was a few psi lower than the pressure indicated by the pump and there was some inconsistency in the actual pressures achieved between multiple tests.

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The pump is efficient and comfortable to use, taking 21 strokes to reach 100psi. It has a longish hose and an efficient connector, so that it’s easy to connect up even if the bike is in a workstand. The connector has a single outlet to attach to the tyre’s valve, with a red slider on the side of the head used to select between presto and schrader valves.

It’s quite a heavy pump at 1705 grams, but comes with a comfortable rubberised handle with the arms angled slightly towards the user, making it slightly easier to use than a straight handled design.


Height : 67cm
Stroke : 53cm
Hose length: 106cm
Actual pressure at 100psi on gauge: 97psi
Strokes to 100 psi: 21
Weight: 1705g