Zéfal Profil Max FP70 pump

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  • Easy to read gauge
  • Good pump volume


  • Not very accurate
  • Tricky valve connector

Price as reviewed:


  • A huge gauge with a suitably massive marker bevel makes it easy to read but not very accurate.

    The small connector is stiff to fit and awkward to use — we managed to bend a valve core trying to hold it on properly, no thanks to a super-stiff locking lever.

    It does get better with use but it’s still far from ideal. This pump took the fewest strokes to 100psi thanks to a generous volume that is further increased by a handle that returns a long way on the ‘up stroke’ — certainly further than feels natural when pumping.


    The thick plastic piston pushes a lot of air — meaning it will work well on larger volume tyres — but it feels neither as strong nor as durable as the metal alternatives.


    Contact: www.chickencycles.co.uk