Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle

We test Fizik's saddle option for the more inflexible among us




  • Very comfortable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good amount of padding


  • Heavy
  • Only one choice of colour

Price as reviewed:


The Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle sits towards the bottom of Fizik’s extensive range of road saddles, but that’s no reason to look down on it, as its one of the most comfortable saddles that I’ve used.

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The Italian company’s range is fairly easy to understand so you can tell where the Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle is designed to fit in. The Aliante in the name shows that is designed for the less flexible cyclists out there, the VSX means that it comes with an extra-deep central channel, and the Kium relates to the titanium rail.

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Of course, a saddle’s comfort is very personal, and a saddle that might be very comfortable for one person might make every ride a misery for another. However, Fizik’s Spine Concept, which recommends you a saddle based on your flexibility and riding style makes it easy to choose the best option for you.

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The Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle is designed for inflexible riders (who can’t reach much beyond their knees when trying to touch their toes with straight legs) who are looking for a saddle that is, first and foremost comfortable. This ticks all my boxes, so I was happy to find that this was one of the most comfortable saddles that I’ve ever used.

Fizik Aliante VSX KIUM saddle rails

The saddle comes with Fizik’s titanium KIUM rails

The rounded profile and high back to the saddle is perfectly suited to a more upright riding position, making it a particularly good option if you’re riding a sportive bike with a short top tube and tall head tube. The 20mm deep central relief channel also did a great job of preventing pressure and discomfort on long days out.

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As an added bonus the padding of the Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle has been softened for 2016 to give a more cushioned ride on rough roads. Yes this doesn’t especially help with power transfer, but if you’re after a racing saddle, then there are better options in the Fizik range.

The only real downsides with the Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle is that there is only one choice of colour (black with red accents), and, at 272g, there are much lighter options out there.

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The Fizik Aliante VSX Kium saddle is a great choice of perch for inflexible riders with an upright riding position, providing great comfort with a good-sized central relief channel.


Shell: Nylon carbon reinforced
Rail: Kium (Titanium)
Length: 265mm
Width: 140mm
Weight: 272g