Prologo Nago Evo Ti 1.4 review

Prologo Nago Evo Ti 1.4 £100
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The semi-round shape should suit riders looking for a good all-round saddle, and with three widths available, the holy grail of comfort isn't too far away. Provided you choose the right size for your behind, the Nago Evo should be a real consideration.

  • +

    Thicker padding = comfort

  • +

    Grippy covering stops slip

  • -

    May not suit riders that move around a lot in the saddle

Prologo has something for everyone in its range, and as saddles are the firm's main focus, you can expect them to be pretty good.

At £100, this Nago Evo Ti comes with a titanium-nickel rail along with a super durable and grippy outer material that does a great job of keeping you in position.

If you're a big fan of moving around, this probably isn't the saddle for you. The padding is thicker than others on test here, similar to that of the Ritchey. It offers comfort over all-out race performance.