The gearhead’s smartphone mount: Peak Design's Everyday Case and Out Front Mount reviewed

A brilliant system for bringing your smartphone along on all your adventures

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount
(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Whether you are tracking your rides on Strava, navigating with Ride With GPS or voice texting on your rides, the Peak Design Everyday Case & Out Front Mount will help you confidently mount your smartphone in an easy to access spot right on your handlebars. With one-handed accessibility, an impact-resistance case, and magnetic assisted mounting, make for a sleek, easy-to-use package that everyone from weekend warriors to daily commuters will enjoy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Smartphone case feels great in-hand

  • +

    Magnetic assisted attachment is brilliant and works flawlessly

  • +

    Build quality is top notch

  • +

    Out Front Mount looks clean on bike

  • +

    GoPro mount opens up a ton of possibilities

  • +

    Peak Design is an awesome company

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Intricate design might have issues when things get really dirty Fabric aesthetic of the case might not be for everyone

  • -

    Bulkier than other mounts

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I've long relied on my phone to navigate my way through my cycling adventures as it means I have fewer gadgets to worry about. While a GPS bike computer may be the better move for pure routing, sometimes it’s nice to have the option to voice text your partner or listen to your favorite audio book without headphones while routing your way home across unknown roads. But when you're shelling out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for your do-it-all device, you want something to securely attach it to your bars, no matter how bumpy the going gets. 

When I learned that Peak Design had a new phone mount in its line-up, all I could think about was their brilliant DSLR mount, Capture, that allows you to securely mount full-size cameras virtually anywhere. I figured that their phone mount would be equally impressive in both build quality and functionality. And, not to jump the gun, but this is a sleek piece of kit, indeed.

Everyday Case — iPhone 14 Pro Max

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

Upon opening the box, I was a little disappointed to see that the plain black case actually has an almost heather fabric texture on the back, but after using the case for a few hours I quickly began to appreciate the subtle feel the case has in hand. It feels excellent in hand. It is impressively thin, while maintaining adequate protection where necessary. It has a rugged bezel around the lenses, which has worked flawlessly on the handful of crashes my phone has taken during the test period. The attachment module on the back of the case is barely noticeable, but I do find that it is noticeable enough for my fingers to play with it while my mind wanders. The case has no sharp edges. It doesn’t get hung up on clothing when retrieving it from pockets — front or rear. The buttons are well pronounced and function well, even while using thicker gloves. The opening for the silent switch is quite small, and it takes some extra care to get in there. There is a slight texture to the finish that hides oil, dirt, and grime well. You can eat a handful of your favorite chips then grab your phone to shoot a text right after without visibly smearing grease everywhere — can’t promise your screen will appreciate it, however.

If you happen to be on the clumsier side of the spectrum, they offer even more protection for your phone in the Nomad x Peak Design Rugged Case. This version has increased PU bumpers around the lenses and all four corners, drastically improving impact resistance for those looking for maximum protection. If you love the mount system but suffer from the curse of clumsy, the Nomad might be the better choice.

Out Front Bike Mount

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)


It is immediately apparent when you open the box, how much care goes into Peak Design products. Everything is laid out in an intuitive manner. The instructions have beautiful pictures to showcase the installation procedure and useful tips for different mounting options. I was immediately blown away when I unscrewed the clamp bolt. I carefully held my hand underneath waiting to catch the tiny M3 bolt, but to my surprise, Peak includes a tiny rubber washer that keeps the bolt in place so you don’t drop it onto your high pile rug never to be seen again. Little touches like this elevate products for me. User experience is key! The kit comes with shims to fit the mount to 31.8, 25.4, or 22.2mm bars, a GoPro accessory mount (+ screw), and a thumb screw to make swapping the mount a tool-less procedure.

*Note: Peak Design has since launched their Out Front Mount 2.0, which is a 35mm Clamp version and will work with modern mountain bike bars! Huzzah!


Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

Save your precious handlebar real estate: mount the Out Front  Mo

unt in reverse!

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

Handlebar real estate is precious. For bigger rides my bars are regularly overcrowded with lights, bags, bells, and various other bits. I am a big fan of bar mounted lights and they get space priority out front of the stem. Luckily, the Peak Design Out Front works almost as well if you mount it in reverse, so that it sits right over your top cap. 

While fitting the mount there are a handful of considerations and nuanced caveats that you’ll want to take into account:

  • The kit is designed to be used in front of your bars, if you are using a big light, a handlebar roll/bag, or a clamp bag — like the routewerks handlebar bag, you will have to try your best to use the mount in reverse, or work on a solution to use both at the same time.
  • They have incorporated a burly GoPro mount underneath the phone mount, which is a great solve for the headlight real estate issue.
  • When Mounting the kit in reverse, the bottom of the mount is lower than the clamp, so to clear your top cap and possible spacers, your phone will end up being angled forward. In some situations, this can really hinder the performance of the unit.
  • The GoPro mount doesn’t work when mounting the unit in reverse.
  • You can turn the head on the mount if you like to use your phone in landscape mode.
  • The thumb screw makes adjusting the unit on-the-fly incredibly convenient!
  •  You’ll get more clearance when mounting to 25.4 & 22.2mm bars with the included spacers.
  • Depending on your bar & stem combo, you might not have enough room to install the mount on a flat area. If you happen to only be able to install the unit on a tapered section of your handlebars, it will almost certainly slip on bumpy terrain. I found that I had the most issues when installing the kit on mountain bike bar & stem combos.

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

An incorporated GoPro mount sits underneath the phone mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

All-in-all, the Out Front Mount is adaptable, and worked well on almost all applications. If you’re running bars that taper early, or an extra-wide stem, you might be out of luck.


Peak Design's Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

There’s something incredibly rewarding about the tangible click the mount makes when you snap your phone in. It is almost so nice that I find myself grabbing for my phone on flat sections of road, just for that satisfying click when returning my phone to its place. The magnetic assistance is greatly appreciated, and that audible snap provides confidence knowing your phone is securely attached. I am not sure that I have experienced any other connection system that works quite as well, or that offers the same level of satisfaction. None of my expensive cords work as well, no zippers or buttons come close, not even fidlock offers the same performance. It’s that good. There’s not much else to say about it. It does exactly what it says it does, and it does it well.

I tested the mount on a handful of gravel adventure rides that always end up on some dicey singletrack, a long wintery road epic, and a couple rides aboard my shreddier hardtail doing mostly silly stuff. I was impressed at how securely it held onto the phone when things got really rough. It was mostly silent apart from large impacts where I am close to bottoming out a 150mm fork. The mount has a little bit of give built in, which I assume eats up the chatter, but also why you can hear it on single large impacts.

I didn’t have any big crashes, so I can’t say for certain how it handles falls, or instances where the bars get twisted up and that phone would head straight for something hard like the ground, a tree, or a rock. Peak Design states on their site that the locking mechanism is “Locking mechanism strong enough for any cycling activity or terrain”, which is a bold claim, and I would be interested to see it tested at those limits.

My only other hesitation is based on how precise the unit is. Here in the PNW we spend a lot of the year riding through thick conditions, and I also like to spend the winter months out digging new trail. In these conditions, my phone & my bikes regularly end up covered in loam/mud/etc. I worry that a little bit of grime could inhibit the performance of the mount, preventing positive engagement, or gumming up some of the nooks & crannies.  Making for a frustrating situation. This hasn’t been tested, and is pure speculation, but it is something I worry about based on issues I have had using similarly intricate designs around dirt and grime. 

Peak Design vs Quad-lock

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

Before I got my hands on the Peak Design system, I was a long time Quad-Lock user. I was an early adopter of the phone mount system, and I have always loved the idea. But I have used and broken countless Quad Lock accessories over the lifespan of three different phones — iPhone 8, XS Max, 14 Pro Max.

Quad-lock is a solid system, and seems like the biggest competitor to the Peak Design system. 

Case: The Quad-lock case feels clunkier in-hand, offering more impact protection — similar to the Nomad version of Peak Designs, while the Peak Design case feels slimmer and includes a subtle texture on the back of the case for add.

Mount: The Peak Design Out Front Mount is easier to engage, and the release is much smoother. The Quad-Lock mount feels more secure once locked into place, but it is more cumbersome to get it there since you have to push it in at a very specific angle and then twist.

Build: Quad Lock is a very simple system with only only parts. They have a great service team that will replace any broken bits you may have, and you can swap everything out with a 3mm Allen wrench. Peak Design is a more complex system that requires a T8 torx to get at and some steady fingers to rebuild, which you shouldn’t have to worry about because of their Lifetime Guarantee.

Feel: The Peak Design system feels more elegant and refined, while the Quad Lock system is bulkier and more secure.

Features: Both systems have mounts for home, office, car, moto, bike, tripod, and More. Both systems have an attachable pop socket equivalent. Both offer wireless charging mounts, and various accessories. Quad Lock has a smart arm band for running, Peak Design offers compatibility with their camera straps, and both companies offer a clever wallet attachment. Quad Lock has a rain poncho add-on for their kits, helping further prevent damage from your phone on extended cycling adventures.

Price: The Peak Designs Case runs $39.99 (or $49.99 with the loop) and the Out Front Mount is $69.99. Meaning you are at $99.98 total to get your phone securely on your handlebars. The Quad Lock case is $29.99 ($39.99 for MagSafe version), and their out front mount is $39.99. That means you can get your phone on your bars for $69.98, $30 less than the Peak Design kit.

Materials: Peak Design Everyday Case is weatherproof, 100% recycled, and Bluesign-approved.

Warranty: Peak Design products are guaranteed for life. Quad Lock offers a 30-day moneyback gurantee and 1 year warranty.

Recommendations: I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here. Both systems are well thought out and deliver on their promises. I have clocked thousands of miles with Quad Lock through some insane terrain, and I am confident that the Peak Design kit would hold up to the same level of abuse. I would recommend the Peak Designs system to anyone who appreciates clever design and function, while I might recommend Quad Lock to clumsier individuals, or folks that make decisions based on price.

A Purchase To Feel Good About

Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

Before this review, I knew Peak Design only for one of its many innovative products. I had no idea that they were a certified B Corp, with a mission to create products that last a lifetime. It felt like I was chopping some fresh onions while reading over the mission, story, and Taking Action pages on the Peak Design site. It’s incredibly refreshing to find a company willing to be transparent with their business practices and goals. I will gladly spend some extra coin if it means that money is making it to people working to make our consumer-driven world a better place. Peak Design's claimed efforts brightened my day.

 A couple highlights:

  • Peak Designs only works with Fair Trade certified factories, and pays a premium on all their products that is managed by the workers themselves.
  • Working to use less DWR, and use majority Bluesign approved textiles.
  • Transitioning to recycled aluminum.
  • Certified Climate Neutral
  • Part of 1% for the planet and have donated over $4.5mil to date


Peak Design's Everyday Case & Out Front Mount

(Image credit: Charlie Kohlmeier)

These days, a phone is an investment so why not protect if by attaching it securely when on the bike? The offerings from Peak Design are well-worth your consideration. 

The one-handed accessibility, an impact-resistance case and magnetic assisted mounting make for a sleek, easy-to-use package that everyone from weekend warriors to daily commuters will enjoy. 

Plus, it isn’t everyday that you get the opportunity to purchase a product from a company that cares about the future (with a history to back it up), delivers an incredible product, and backs that product with a lifetime guarantee. 

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