Fenwick’s Stealth Road Bike Kit review

A road specific cleaning kit from the experts at Fenwick's. Providing you with a range of proven products to clean and protect your precious bikes, whatever the conditions throw at you.

Fenwick’s Stealth Road Bike Kit cleaning
Cycling Weekly Verdict

For most general cleaning jobs the Fenwick’s Stealth Road Bike Kit is an excellent choice. The addition of the concentrate renders the kit extremely good value for money. Making up to a further 11 litres of cleaner, this should be enough to keep your bikes clean for a long time. The lack of specific brushes stops this kit from being perfect for all jobs.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great value cleaner

  • +

    Effective products

  • +

    Stealth lube included

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lacks brushes

  • -

    No water dispersant/polish spray

  • -

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The Fenwick’s Stealth Road Bike Kit includes all the basic products needed to give your grimy bike the TLC it deserves. Coming in a decent sized plastic tub that can double up as a wash bucket, it includes the typical range of degreaser, cleaners, lubricants and cleaning sponges.

All Fenwick's products are labelled as environmentally friendly, which is good to know when you are hosing your bike down in the garden and not wanting to kill your plants. The other good thing about Fenwick’s formulas is they are free of corrosive ingredients that could damage delicate parts, especially your carbon frame.

Going through the usual routine of applying degreaser to the chain first, I found you only needed a tiny squirt of the Foaming Chain Cleaner as it foams up incredibly quickly and expansively. So much so that you need to make sure you apply precisely, otherwise your bike, patio and everything in a large radius is covered. In conjunction with the ingenious chain sponge it cleans everyday grime quickly. When facing older, heavier grease and oil it did struggle and a lot of black residue was left.

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The FS10 cleaner has a pleasant odour (always important) and works well to clean road grime off the frame and components, clearing brake dust easily. Where the Fenwick’s Stealth Road Bike Kit is unbeatable on value is the inclusion of a bottle of FS1, this being the concentrated version of FS10. It can be diluted to make a further 11 litres of cleaner so should last an incredibly long time.

Multi-purpose lubricant is always an odd one, being more useful for general maintenance than at cleaning time. I would much prefer to see a water dispersant type spray that could be used immediately after washing.`

The Fenwick's Stealth chain lube is some of the smoothest I have used and a small application kept the chain quiet for a couple of weeks without picking up too much dirt.

When using the kit and cleaning a properly dirty bike I did miss the inclusion of some specific brushes like those found in other kits to make the job just a little easier.

For more details visit the Zyro website.

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