Oxford Products bike cleaning brushes

This range of well-priced brushes from Oxford Products seems to include one to get at every part of your bike.




  • Large range of brushes to tackle every bit of the bike
  • Comfortable rubberised grips
  • Good value
  • Durable


  • Not all are bike specific

Price as reviewed:


If you want to keep your pride and joy in tip top condition, then a wash and clean should be part of your post-ride ritual, particularly with damper, saltier conditions on the roads.

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Buy now:

Oxford Products has come out with a comprehensive and reasonably priced range of brushes to wash pretty much every part of your bike. My favourite is the Double Stubble, which is made with two different stiffnesses of bristles. This means that you can use the softer ones for less mucky parts of the bike and switch to the harder ones when you have some really stuck on – well you know what is usually really hard to shift. The brush is also sufficiently small to get into trickier parts of the bike’s anatomy, such as between the bottom bracket and the wheel. It comes in at £3.99.

Double Stubble brush deals with tougher dirt

If you prefer a broader brush, then the Big Softie at £4.99 might be for you. It’s got bristles with softer ends to avoid scratching and will deal with larger areas at a time than the Double Stubble.

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£4.99 also buys you a Wheely Clean wheel brush. It’s got quite stiff bristles and a narrow design to get between spokes and hubs, while for £3.99 the Claw Brush tackles drivetrains, with a claw at one end to get between the cassette sprockets and a small bristle brush at the other to deal with derailleurs.


A useful range of brushes to clean up every bit of your bike, sold at very reasonable prices