Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool

Bringing the workshop outdoors to the road/trails. The Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool has classic features that make it stand out from the crowd




  • Excellent functionality
  • ‘Proper’ chaintool could be used every day


  • Potential to lose important tyre lever if you are forgetful
  • Chunky design makes it slightly less packable

Price as reviewed:


Park Tools have approached the multitool concept from a different angle creating the unique looking Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool.

Rather than having the tools inside a retaining body the IB-3 has a central body anodized in the familiar Park blue with the tools either side.

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This makes functionality considerably better than some as being on the outside makes getting into tighter areas much less of a hassle.

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Made of the same materials as their workshop tools you know the IB-3 will last a considerable time and the additional weight compared to some gives you that reassurance.

The IB-3 includes Allen keys from 1.5m-8mm (on an adapter), Torx T25, a flat head spanner, a ‘proper’ chaintool and a slide off tyre lever that is also the chaintool handle and also includes spoke keys.

The slide off nature of the tyre lever is probably the main worry with this tool as it could be very easy to forget to put it back on after use, especially as it is black.

The IB-3 is not the most aesthetically pleasing of the tools in this test and the central I-beam construction is not the most comfortable to use but the great practicality and durability make it stand out.


The IB-3 turns the multitool approach on its head by packing the tools on the outside of the body lending to one of the easiest setups for use in emergencies. Wouldn’t be out of place in the workshop as well


Weight: 178g