Raleigh Clubman review

Raleigh Clubman
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Raleigh has successfully ridden a fine line between tradition and modernity with the Clubman. Its old-school qualities are not forced or contrived. It's a traditional steel frame, in the construction of which Raleigh has more form than most.The Tiagra components offer modern efficiency, while their blue/silver finish and nice contours complement the classic frame. It's open to debate how and where old and new are best mixed. For instance, I would prefer a shallow drop bar for this kind of bike, but looks-wise the Clubman's traditional deep bars are spot-on.Plenty of people are after decent steel frames, likewise Brooks saddles. With the Clubman, you get both and change from a grand. The price point makes it a viable second bike, though it's too beautiful to be called a winter hack. The bottom line is that this is a bike that ticks a lot of riding boxes: tourer, winter rider, and with its mudguards and rack mounts, a good all-week commuter. The only problem is you'll want to clean it every night.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Inexpensive option

  • +

    Rugged kit

  • +

    Smooth ride

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Too nice to be a winter bike?!

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The Raleigh Clubman evokes long winter rides, 100-plus-mile reliability trials and the days when one quality bicycle could cater for all of your transport and sporting needs.

In many respects, the Clubman has changed very little since its original incarnation at the hands of one of this country's most recognisable bicycle brands. In a contemporary context, its more sedate characteristics have steered it towards short, quick touring.

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Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan the Editor of Cycling Weekly website. An NCTJ qualified traditional journalist by trade, Michelle began her career working for local newspapers. She's worked within the cycling industry since 2012, and joined the Cycling Weekly team in 2017, having previously been Editor at Total Women's Cycling. Prior to welcoming her daughter in 2022, Michelle raced on the road, track, and in time trials, and still rides as much as she can - albeit a fair proportion indoors, for now.