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  • Good in poor weather
  • Robust


  • A little sluggish


3T Accelero 60 Team Stealth £1,249.99


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This product is featured in: WHEEL TEST: the best upgrades.

With much of my riding taking place in the windswept Fens, I’d had my eye on shallower aero wheels, convinced that anything deeper than 40mm would be too much of a handful on gusty days.

Happily, these quality 60mm clinchers, which are on the books at 1,875g naked for the pair, have proved not only manageable in poor weather, but robust enough to cope with a real hammering, too.


Shod with Michelin's Pro 4 rubber, I've raced crits and time trials on these and found that, while not quite as zippy as my default Mavic Ksyrium SLs, they hold their speed incredibly well - especially when clipping along at a decent speed, above 20mph, where their effect feels almost like an overdrive gear.