Edco Neggia wheels

The price might be a little eye-watering, but can the Edco Neggia wheels justify this with great performance.




  • Seriously stiff
  • Exceptionally light
  • Sharp acceleration
  • Great braking performance


  • Price
  • Some gouging of the cassette body

Price as reviewed:


The Edco Neggia wheels are claimed at 1179g though we weighed them at 1,240g. The full-carbon rim weighs 360g and is 25mm deep and 21mm wide with a rounded profile and concealed aluminium nipples.

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It’s laced with ultra-light, straight-pull stainless Sapim Superspokes to Edco’s aluminium hubs that roll on stainless steel bearings. There’s a six-pawl ratchet mechanism that engages quickly when you stop freewheeling and put down the power.

Edco’s patented Multisys cassette body has in-built compatibility with Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM 10- and 11-speed cassettes. Although it incorporates three steel anti-gouging plates, as these don’t stretch the full width of the cassette body I still found there was some gouging at either end.

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In use the Edco Neggia wheels spin up well, thanks to the low rim weight. Nevertheless, they proved stiff and there was minimal brake rub. The patented brake surface works with standard aluminium brake pads and braking on dry roads with Dura-Ace pads was excellent. Performance in the wet was better than many aluminium rims, with plenty of feel and outright stopping power even on fast descents.

Despite their stiffness, the wheels gave a very smooth ride helped no doubt by the supplied 25mm Continental GP4000S II tyres.

The Edco Neggia wheels certainly look purposeful and live up to that image with a fine performance, but at well over £2,000 they will hit your wallet hard — so despite their formidable spec we have marked them down on price.

For full details visit the Edco website.


If you're after exceptional performance then these Edco Neggia wheels are for you. LIghtweight doesn't mean a compromise in stiffness, although the lack of compromise also means an eye-watering price-tag.


Front Weight: 530g
Rear Weight: 710g
Skewers Weight: 67g
Total Weight: 1307g
Spoke Count: 18 front
Rim Width: 24 rear
Rim Depth: 25mm
Contact: www.edco-wheels.co.uk