Rolf Prima Alpha review

As a set for all year race and training hoops, you can't get better than the Rolf Prima Alpha wheelset suggests Dan Baines...

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Strong braking and the ability to run tubeless tyres was confidence-boosting. I’d be happy to race and train on these all year round.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great acceleration

  • +

    Very stiff

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not much

Handbuilt in Oregon USA, Rolf claims the Vigor Alpha is the fastest alloy wheelset on the market.

The 33mm-deep Delta aero rim has a chunky width of 22mm, which is said to improve the airflow.

Add to this a low spoke count (14 up front, 16 at the back), recessed nipples and a weight of 1,450g (635g/815g), the Alpha is a very fast wheelset.

Acceleration is brisk. Having the left and right spokes meet close together at the rim allows for high spoke tension. With a wide front hub and huge rear non-driveside flange, Rolf has produced a very stiff wheel.

Ceramic bearings come as standard and after 400-odd miles are still silky smooth and without a hint of play. The wheels handle impeccably; there were no scary moments in crosswinds and the extra rim width was welcome when cornering and on rough road surfaces.