British Cycling membership has doubled in the past four years, and now stands at an all-time high of 40,000.

The announcement came from British Cycling on Monday, the day after Mark Cavendish won the World Championship road race in Copenhagen reinforcing the overall feeling that cycling in Britain is on the up.

According to British Cycling figures, its membership stood at 20,000 in April 2007 and rose to 30,000 in May 2010. In less than 18 months, a further 10,000 members have joined the organisation.

British Cycling president Brian Cookson said: “Today really brings it home that our ‘inspiration to participation’ strategy is working as all types of cyclists are getting behind us on the final approach to London 2012.

“Mark has already thanked his team but I’m sure he would agree that gold medals really come about as the culmination of the efforts from a huge team of people, from riders and support staff to the thousands of volunteers and clubs who work tirelessly to develop our sport.”

“As we celebrate this great British victory and record membership, our thanks go to Sport England whose National Governing Bodies investment strategy has been key to our success at grassroots level and to UK Sport and Sky for their continued support.

“We are on track to get one million more people cycling regularly and increase weekly participation to 125,000 by 2013, and with the backing of our partners and members we are delivering a fantastic participation legacy of a home Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling in Britain. It’s aim is to “inspire participation in cycling as a sport, recreation and sustainable transport through achieving worldwide success”. Members benefit from BC’s legal and insurance services, and are eligible for a discount from several retailers among other benefits.

Four membership packages are currently available: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Ride. Bronze membership costs £13.50 per year, with the top-tier Gold membership costing £64.

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  • PeterLB

    Ian, have you ever considered the reason CW’s readership hasn’t risen along with BC membership is that there is now approximately 12 cycling magazines on the shelves for people to buy and many many more websites for them to read? Cycling Weekly used to have the monopoly on cycling coverage, not any more.

    But that’s a good thing, as it means more choice for everyone.

  • ian franklin

    Good to see BC’s membership soaring into the very high figures with more to come. But I would seriously like to understand with all this huge interest in cycling in the UK why CW’s circulation remains static. Club membership is soaring too – my club based in a small town had never previously had more than 60 members but now we have 109 and rising. I’d like to see Cycling Weekly become relevant to many more of Britain’s cyclists with a balanced content that reflects all aspect of our sport.