Cycling England has been confirmed as one of the public bodies to be axed in the government’s far-ranging shake-up of Quangos.

A note next to Cycling England’s name in a list of bodies facing abolishment, published by the government on Thursday morning, says:

“Cycling England: No longer an NDPB [Non-Departmental Public Body] – Abolish body. We have announced a Local Sustainable Travel Fund and will explore ways of marshalling expert input on cycling issues, including to support the Fund”

Cycling England was created by the Department for Transport in 2005 to promote the growth of cycling. The body introduced the Bikeability programme, and the bike-friendly Cycling Town and Cycling City awards.

The board of Cycling England was made up of leading figures in the cycling industry and cycling campaign bodies, town planning, pubic health, environment and sustainable transport.

The Local Sustainable Travel Fund was announced by the government in September, with the aim of delivering a “cleaner environment, improved safety and higher levels of physical activity in the community”.

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  • Adam

    I now live in finland where every single road of any size has a PROPER seperate from the road cycle path. (Which also double up as skateboarding, roller blading, skiing paths). Yes, I know there’s a difference in the size of the country and the population BUT the difference this makes in peoples willingness to cycle places is ASTONISHING.

    You can happily cycle without fear of lorry drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and idiot car drivers constantly trying to knock you off and intimidate you.. it makes a HUGE difference to life/traffic/health etc etc etc.

    And did it magically happen? No, it happened by the govn. investing in it and maintaining the paths. UK – take note.

  • Neil Joyce

    I hoped this wouldn’t happen and I wouldn’t have to read that once again we have a Government that is taking something good away from the country. Cycling was on the up in a massive way and was more popular than ever, which brought all sorts of benefits to the environment, the nation’s health and the economy too. Just shows that slimy Dave going to No,10 on his bike is only a publicity stunt after all! If they want to save money, just ask Southern Derbyshire council why they pay staff to look in people’s waste bins and write down what they’re throwing away??

  • Andrew Turner

    Again, a ridiculous decision to save a few pounds so that tax cuts can be provided. Absolute poor policy decision, but totally expected.

  • Angharad

    I wrote to my MP to protest about the rumour that Cycling England would be cut. He didn’t even have the decency to reply to me. Despite Boris and Barclays, and Dave the chameleon being associated with bikes, I don’t think this government gives a stuff about cycling and certainly the MP for West Dorset doesn’t.