British Cycling’s national riders will roll out in a new kit in 2013, the first major change to the strip in years.

A picture of what looks like the new Great Britain jersey was found posted on a bike shop’s Facebook page, and is a major departure from the current kit that is predominantly red, white and blue.

The jersey we found online is still made by Adidas and predominantly white, with the British union flag across the stomach – although this appears to be upside down. The name Sky is positioned on the chest and down the sides in black panels, and the Adidas three stripe runs down the arm. Pictures of the shorts weren’t posted.

The new kit’s first outing will be the track world cup in Mexico, in mid January and then worn again at the world track championships in February. We should find out if this is the jersey in early January.

The new Great Britain kit. Picture from Sigma Sport’s Facebook page

The current GB kit having its last outing at the Glasgow world cup

  • Ian ferraby

    Apologies i meant Rapha Not Endura but both would have done a better job.

  • Ian Ferraby

    What a terrible new GB kit, so old fashioned reminiscent of the 70s 80s is this the best Adidas could come up with, no wonder Endura got the new sky kit contract.

  • Ken Evans

    The old design was very successful, it is a big risk to change it.
    (and the new design is poor)

  • Dave

    The flag isn’t necessarily the wrong way up. If you imagine the flagpole to be on the right-hand side of the picture (i.e. under the wearer’s left arm), then it works perfectly well.

    It’s not a great design, but a big improvement on the old one. Like most of the Olympic designs, it’ll just take a couple of outings before everyone’s used to it…

  • Steve

    Hints of the Olympic design here-another “Stella” effort perhaps?

    Maybe the pink’s a clue as to what will contrast with the black in the new Team Sky Rapha kit that’s around on the internet at present?

  • Jake

    I didn’t know that the GB flag was purple and pink. Not a fan of the new design at all. I could do a better job myself I expect.

  • Mike

    “Atleast its not Rapha” Pardon???

    Its awfull, almost as bad as the old kit.

  • Jack Macley

    at least its not Rapha

  • Max

    Thank God that the current kit is going; it’s awful. However I don’t know whether the new one is going to be any better. With today’s retro fashion what’s wrong with the blue jersey and red sleeves?

  • BAP

    Oh dear. Can’t we keep the old kit instead?

  • dim

    The Union Jack is the wrong way around.