Incident involving a BT van pulling out into the path of a cyclist caught on camera in Surrey

The moment that a van pulls out in front of a cyclist at a junction, hitting the rider and sending him cascading down the road, has been caught on camera.

Baz Lewis was riding through Wray Common, Redhill, Surrey on Tuesday, June 3, when a BT van pulled out in front of him. Lewis, dressed in bright clothing and wearing a helmet, collided with the front of the van, landing heavily on the other side of the road. He fractured his right wrist, sprained his left wrist and suffered cuts and bruises as a result of the incident.

The collision was filmed by a dashboard-mounted camera in a taxi travelling behind the van, showing clearly that the van driver pulls out directly in front of Lewis despite being in clear sight.

“The van driver was very apologetic and said he didn’t see me coming,” said Lewis. “I was hoping to take part in Waller Pain hill-climb this Sunday so that’s a shame, but my next event after that is the Ride 100 which I’ll hopefully be fully repaired for as I am riding for Samaritans charity.”

Surrey Police said on Monday that no decision had yet been made on how they were going to deal with the incident.

Slow motion version of the film:

  • charleyo

    This has helped me out. I will find the cyclist who “didn’t see” me and have him prosecuted. He put a small dent in my car and scared my daughter and I half to death. I knew visibility was bad so was driving extremely slowly unfortunately the cyclist looked beyond the parked van not realizing I was already behind it. He came at speed around the van and nearly ended up through my windscreen. Just saying as it goes both ways. I’ve seen another accident which was down to the cyclist as well trying to get past a car which was indicating left at the time. Maybe cyclists should have to have a license for the road so they can have them ‘taken away’ or ‘lose their jobs’ if they make a silly mistake. I still have a dent in my car and don’t take my bike on the road. For your information roads are dangerous. For bikes, vans , cars, lorries and pedestrian. Nobody leaves home to hurt or kill anyone but ‘accidents’ happen. Is a sad fact but in my case as someone said why wait the cyclist should already be charged. Thanks for the help

  • Guest

    I believe both vans were totally in the wrong here. The 1st for pulling out in the front of Baz at all, I believe he should have taken responsibility for the approaching cyclist and waiting even if he believed there was enough of a gap to safely pull out. He should have realised that his colleague would be looking to pull out on his tail. The second van as discussed, was clearly not paying attention and should feel the full weight of the law. This could have ended so much worse for the cyclist.
    My second thought was that the cyclist could have possibly reduced his risk during this incident. I cycle virtually every day and would describe cycling after my wife and children as the love of my life. I have clocked up over 6000 miles over the past 12 months, the vast majority on the road, so I feel I can comment with some experience. If I imagine myself in this situation, I think alarm bells would have started to ring as soon as the 1st van pulled out. I would have been covering the brakes and certainly coasting until I had achieved eye contact with the 2nd van driver. If I couldn’t get eye contact I would have been preparing to stop asap. I am not blaming Baz in the slightest, you shouldn’t have to ride like that. Unfortunately you have to cycle like everybody is trying to kill you to even stand half a chance. I had some old biddy smash a wing mirror into my shoulder on a country lane last year because she ‘didn’t see me’ and I can tell you it made me think!
    Incidentally, I also work and drive a van for BT.

  • Downfader

    The article has since been updated.

  • tweagle

    NigelWynn, my question was meant more rhetorically than I made it sound. In my view we should be doing our best to sever this inappropriate connection between “how visible was the cyclist” and “how much protective gear was the cyclist wearing”.

  • JP1862

    Because there are a number of legal “hoops” that have to be gone through first to get a successful prosecution. Firstly the video has to be produced in raw format. Then that needs to be exhibited and a statement taken from the person producing. Then the van driver has to be interviewed. Then a file is prepared and sent to CPS. All these things take time- it’s not just a matter of turning up at the court with a bit of video evidence!

  • JP1862

    Please re-read- it doesn’t say the van driver is not bring charged

  • hailpantani

    I’ve read the article. ‘No decision yet’ in spite of the damning video evidence doesn’t give you much confidence in the police bringing charges, does it? Why the wait? He should already BE charged!

  • JP Davis

    Please read the article- no one has said the driver isn’t being prosecuted

  • JP Davis

    Because as “someone in the know” the police only got the footage yesterday- they need to take statements and interview the driver and then the file gets passed to the cps.

  • JP Davis

    Where does the article say they aren’t prosecuting?

  • JP Davis

    Please read the article- the police have only just got the footage and no decision has been made

  • Paul Canham

    I’ve read the other comments, Polly 6 I like that! But really a car driver/van is in charge of tons of steel and will result in death maiming or serious injury if used incorrectly ….and oh! never mind I’ve just ran a cyclist or person over don’t cut it… I’ve lost count how many times I ride and have near misses, at least 3 per ride! You ware bright colors helmets etc but…the drivers all wana put there foot down and don’t give a shi@ , my take on it is motorists hate cyclists on the road! We are classed has nuisenses who don’t pay road tax! Which I’ve had shouted at me. Me.

  • Paul Canham

    Outrageous!! Why are the police thinking about it! He pulled out well before the cyclist. Undue care and attention throw the book at him! Wait till tour comes to Yorkshire they be more cycling related car accidents than any where else!

  • The article says that to pre-empt the inevitable question: ‘was he wearing a helmet and bright clothing’. He was. Questions relating to both of those items of attire have cropped up in recent legal cases relating to incidents similar to this one, even though they are not a legal requirement.

  • tweagle

    Why does the report say “dressed in bright clothing and wearing a helmet”? The bright clothing emphasises the lack of attention of the driver. The presence or absence of a helmet has nothing to do with it.

  • KarlRoche

    Police not made a decision it seems article needs updating

  • Scott Humphrey

    Whilst go a few MPH over the speed limit and get a £60 fine and 3 points.

  • polly 6

    Chuck – (hypothetically) if i pick up an AK 47 in a crowded room and my finger slips onto the trigger and kill several people, could i put it down to a momentary lapse of concentration? No. When you get into a motor vehicle, you immediately need to have a higher duty of care to your fellow road user because the metal box you are sitting in can kill if used negligently. Excuses such as “i’m normally a good driver”, “I’ve never had any accidents”, “just a momentary lapse of concentration” don’t wash. The pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist will still be injured or dead.

  • Riggah

    The key word here is LAZY. Yes, far too many drivers are indeed too “god dam lazy” to be safe on the roads. Too lazy to look properly, too lazy to apply the brakes. Too lazy to even turn the steering wheel if Melbourne drivers are anything to go by. Over here, making a simple turn in the correct and safe manner is severly compromised by their lazy refusal to turn their steering wheels more than 10 degrees in either direction! Even when most vehicles have PAS nowadays! Lazy, lazy, LAZY!

  • Kim

    To bad it was a cyclist and not a big truck that came from right then.

  • Stuart Briggs

    It’s crazy, the driver really needs prosecuting. When I was knocked off in 1999 the driver claimed I tried ripping her wing mirror off as she drove by, and then cut into me. She was never prosecuted.

  • Stuart Briggs

    That’s what I thought, typical utilities van’s trying to race each other.

  • ste m

    funny how the van in front was a BT van too, two idiots racing each other and the victim of these twits, is on his backside (luckily) …..

  • lustra

    The problem is police see the public as being comprised of motorists just like themselves.

  • yenrod

    Why the ‘fashion’ for the CPS to not prosecute these matters like they used to ?? the road lobby cannot be that big or strong, solicitors cannot be soo good in arguement to disuede matters towards the uninjured party. Matter like these are deathly serious. Laws exist in this country and are broken on a daily basis all throughout this land by people who are too god dam lazy to turn their heads, use their eyes so that they don’t ‘hit’ anyone like this demonstrates.

  • hailpantani

    I’m a driver as well as a cyclist so I’m not looking at this from just one side. To be hit by a car is potentially far more damaging than to be hit by a bike, a fact which the courts, and the public at large, should realise through the law. I’m not saying that this or any other person is a bad person – I’m saying the charge against someone who ‘doesn’t see’ another person on the road and causes injury or death should be a serious charge. The fact that this van driver is not being charged at all is astonishing, and disgusting.

  • Downfader

    When the Police and CPS dont prosecute the driver in the face of such evidence they are letting the public down massively!

  • Chuck

    Accidents happen to both cyclists and other cars. We can never be too careful yet sometimes a split second lapse in judgment leads to something like this. It doesn’t make the driver a bad person. It’s not like it was intentional.

  • Daz Collins

    That’s exactly what I thought, especially when looking at the slow motion video. The first van had cut it quite fine and the 2nd van just followed without looking properly. Both BT vans by the look of it, so probably 2 workmates one “blindly” following the other.

  • Rupert Englander

    I can’t help but feel that the first van contributed to this situation.
    Had Baz been a car there is no way the first van would have pulled out when they did. This happens to me all too often when a car pulls out like that not understanding how fast a car can travel and I often think if I was a car or motorbike travelling in the same direction there is no way the person would have pulled out.
    Clearly the van behind must have believed the road to the right was clear because otherwise the first van would not have pulled out when it did.
    I am NOT excusing the second van but I can’t help feeling the first van contributed to the “accident”.

  • Phil Hall

    totally agree. I am a driving instructor. Had a leaner had done this I would have been prosecuted

  • Phil Hall

    Why no action against the van driver. Clear case of due care and attention.

  • racyrich

    Very fortunate to survive that. Another few milliseconds and he’d have hit the side full on. When you can’t fly over the vehicle you hit it head first and break your neck.

  • Riggah

    “I didn’t see you” is NEVER acceptable as an excuse. It is actually incriminating because she/he is admitting that she/he didn’t look.
    Baz should be claiming compensation for his injuries as well as for damage to his bike.
    By the way hailpantani, this collision should not be described as an ‘accident’. It was carelessness on behalf of the driver and was 100% avoidable.

  • George White

    Private prosecution is needed.

    If there’s a donation site set up, I’d contribute.

  • hailpantani

    This ‘I didn’t see you’ excuse was trotted out to me when I was knocked off my bike – it was a sunny day, I was in red and my bike was red. A car entered the main road without stopping and hit me full on – but in my case the driver was rightly prosecuted. Why wasn’t this b*****d prosecuted? I’m absolutely fuming. Until this careless, dangerous type of driver is correctly dealt with (loss of licence and / or job), this type of accident will just keep on happening. I despair.

  • Incredible. I know this road well. There is nothing whatsoever to obstruct the van driver’s vision when sat waiting at that junction.