On a ride to protest the death of a cyclist in an alleged road rage incident, several riders are knocked down and involved in a physical altercation with a bus driver

An 850-strong cycling safety demonstration in Helsinki turned sour on Sunday as riders clashed with a bus driver who tried to drive into the lane the cyclists were in.

The riders gathered in the Finnish capital to honour the death of a cyclist in the city the previous week, with the ‘march’ travelling from the Kiasma Museum to downtown.

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According to Finnish news service YLE, the bus driver tried to merge into the same lane as the cyclists, causing some of them to fall to the ground. Helsinki Police report that the confrontation escalated when the driver threw a cyclist’s bike under another bus, which prompted another rider to take the driver’s keys from his hand leading to a fist fight.

One participant, Tuomo Reine, told YLE that this sort of behaviour was exactly what the demonstration had been against. The victim of last week’s incident was allegedly run down deliberately by a motorist after he criticised his driving.

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The driver of the bus is being investigated by police for traffic endangerment, as well as mild property damage and assault, while the cyclist who took the driver’s keys is also being investigated for traffic disruption.

  • George White

    “started” have you?

    How’s life out from under that rock?

  • Giles Cudmore

    why can’t we all just get along?

  • SaganFan

    Enough is enough. I’ve started to sense the same idiotic hostility toward cyclists here in the states. My son was harassed by two imbeciles in a car just last week as he, in a completely legal fashion, waited in the right lane for the red light to change to green so he could proceed safely and legally in his lane along with the car traffic. The two troublemakers in the car wanted my son out of the lane so they could make their right-turn-on-red (legal in many places in the states). If he was a car they’d have to wait their turn. Why not wait for a legally-placed bike too? The light at this intersection is of a very short duration so their impatience was sorely misplaced anyway. Credit to my 17-year-old, he moved to the sidewalk and refused eye contact with the two guys who continued to violently harass my son even after he moved out of the road, where he had every right to ride. Quite rattled and afraid when he got home.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    The police should be investigated for incompetence.